Friday, August 7, 2009

The Burgomeister's Mansion Pt. 2: Pimp My Home

Welcome to part 2 of my extended report about my experience with the Governor's Mansion resin model. The first part was a review of the model, this time I present the changes and modifications I made to make it look better and more interesting.
You can see some WIP photos and read a bit of discussion on Tom's Boring Mordheim forum and Gidian-Gelände.

To make the inside more interesting, I cut walls out of foamboard to put in the model. Foamboard works nicely for this because it can be cut far more easily than sawing plywood. I applied a mix of white wall paint and sand to the wall to give it structure. I made three walls in total: one for the ground floor and the stairs (see further below) and two for the first floor.

Two of the wall sections are meant to end in the room instead of dividing it, so I used square wooden sticks for the wall endings:

One of the walls on the first floor needed a door. I went with one of a couple spare resin doors I had lying around from Antenociti's Workshop. The problem was that I wasn't using the door on the outside of some closed building, so inside the house the door is accessible/visible from both sides. However, these doors are not modelled on both sides. I decided to glue one on each side of the wall. This obviously doesn't quite work with the door handle and hinge. So on one of them, I had to remove the knob and re-attach it, and remove the frame and put it where the bottom used to be:

The converted door

As I said, I wasn't happy with the missing stairs between the two levels. I spent a lot of time pondering where to place stairs. Nothing seemed to really fit as the stairs were either directly in front of a window or somewhere in the middle of the room where it made no sense. I considered using a ladder instead to save space, even a trap-door. I finally decided for the most exhausting method at the least unlogical position...

I drilled and filed a hole through which stairs would lead up to from the ground floor. The stairs are from Pardulon; I bought them at this year's Hamburger Tactica convention.

Creating the hole was a time-consuming, arduous and nerving process. The floor is incredibly massive and I do wonder why Resina Planet wastes so much resin on it.

Interior & Falderal
Additional items like furniture, bed and books (from Thomarillion) and candles (from Olley's Armies, now out of production) enhance the model a lot. For photos of them, check back next week when I present the finished mansion.

The first floor WIP (note the stairs marker)

Up next: Photos of the finished building at last.


  1. This project is very impressive....

  2. Thanks, Krug! It has taken me incredibly long but I am finally happy with the results. There will be photos next week.

  3. Does Resina Planet still sell their buildings?

  4. I recently noticed that the Resina Planet website is no longer. I guess the domain name expired and they need to get a new one/re-buy it. I just sent them an email and asked whether you can still order from them. I'll keep you posted.

  5. This makes me wonder why they did not produce walls to go with the building. Your finising touches are really great, and make this thing go from cool to awesome.


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