Port of Gierburg

The Port of Gierburg is a gaming board suitable for historical and fantasy settings such as Mordheim, Pirates and my own Gierburg setting, of course. It represents an old harbour section with dirty cobblestone streets and rows of half-timbered houses.

This page is updated continuously as I work on the board. Infrequently some diorama-like photos are added for your viewing pleasure.

Building Log

The development of the gaming board is documented in the blog posts referenced below. You can also find all related posts via the respective label. For details on the various buildings, visit the Terrain page where I list them all and link to their respective posts.
  1. A Water Board
  2. Dock Section I WIP
  3. Dock Section I Painted & Extras
  4. Dock Section II Ground Level WIP
  5. Dock Section II Ground Level Painted
  6. Dock Section II Elevation WIP [coming soon..ish?]
  7. Dock Section II Elevation Painted [definitely not soon]

Additional posts and articles related to the Port of Gierburg gaming board:

Section I and the Water Board

Section I, the Water board and Section II set up together


Below you can see a few dioramas set up on the board.

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