Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My first Sculpt: Bounty Hunter

I recently took a break from doing scenery for Gierburg and tried something else instead: sculpting! I find sculpting extremely relaxing and a welcome change from building and painting scenery. It is great to see a figure come together before you.

This is my first properly sculpted miniature. I know I have so much to learn, but it is incredible fun - and that's what it is about, isn't it? :) For my first sculpting project I chose to do a hooded bounty hunter type of guy with a French greatcoat (inspired by Martin Baker's Bounty Hunter).

Now without further ado: Ty Cain, Gierburg Head Hunter.

Sculpted with ProCreate (hence the grey green).

I have to admit I cheated on the head and the hand crossbow: They are taken from Hasslefree Miniatures' bits section.

Work on the next mini has already begun and I hope to post some pictures soon. It is time I update the sculpting section of the site. More pics will be up there soonish.

Now I really can't wait to see this guy beautifully painted by Tom. :)

PS: The base is - like all Gierburg minis - from Fenris Games.


  1. Hey! your version of the 'Bounty Hunter' is very good.
    Congratulations on your first sculpt!! :-)
    The position is very dynamic.
    The texture of the clothes are well and has many details.
    But I think the anatomy needs work.

  2. Nice work.

    Any news reg. the Gierburg-Rules?

  3. Thanks, guys!

    I know there's so much I have to learn. What I find especially difficult to sculpt the realistic drapery of cloths. I keep on practicing. :)

    @Yitu: The rules are well under way. Everything is written up now. I'll be having a few games very soon, where we will test the first draft of the basic game mechanics and after a few more games - somewhere in early 2010 - I will start running a playtest campaign to see how it all comes together.

  4. ooh....when I can I get one Cianty?

  5. He he, thanks for your interest, KRUG! This one will not be cast. It was always a mere training piece for me so I didn't consider making it castable. This allowed me to do the dynamic pose I wanted to do instead of worrying about castable planes. Maybe I'll improve enough on the next one to make it worth casting. But for now I consider them training pieces.

  6. Training is always important and for your first sculpt this rocks, dynamic, good clothing, just try to catch more anatomy in the future - his shoulders seem to be a bit too low...

  7. Thank you for the encouraging and constructive comment, Roman! The mini is sculpted around an armature so I thought this wouldn't be a problem. I later noticed this too, though. He does look a bit camel-like around the neck. :P


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