Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Citizens of Gierburg: Vendors

There is a number of different types of merchants operating in Gierburg. Vendors wander the narrow ways of the south, pushing a small cart or with a tray around their neck full of wares, usually some sort of light snack or beverage to aid a thirsty traveller.

Hey guys!

It's Tom reporting on Cianty's blog again. The painting is going well and there are plenty of new Gierburg citizens that I want you to "meet". Today I'm showing you two characterful figures from Alionas Miniatures that I painted for the Gierburg Project: the Fishwife and the Appleseller.

First is Hazel, the Fishwife. This is one of my first models entirely with Vallejo paints (save for the wash on the apron for which I used GW Devlan Mud.

I find fish can be a little tricky to paint, since it is hard to get the colour right. Everybody has a mental picture of a typical fish, but when you ask what actual "color" it is, it is tricky to define. I would say, most commercial fish are black-ish or silver-ish. However this would not necessarily look very recognisable on a miniature. So I decided to go for green, with the following recipie:

1. Basecoat VMC US Dark Green
2. Add VGC Camouflage Green increasingly and overbrush (stay mainly on the dorsal side of the animal)
3. Repeat with the same mix, but add a drop of VMC Dark Sand (Arena Oscura) and only overbrush the dorsal side.
4. Give the whole fish a wash of watered down VMC US Dark Green

The other vendor is Johan, the Appleseller. This is a model where you need to do some careful highlighting, shading and possibly some blending. The shirt is rather intricate (although it doesn't look like it) because its folds are deep enough to require shading but shallow enough to look unnatural if overdone. It took quite a while to get the mixes of VMC Tierra Mate and VMC Arena Oscura right, and I had to work my way back and forth between the different hues on the model to zero in on what I found to look best.

Enjoy the pics!
See you soon with another post!

WIP sneak peek of more Gierburg citizens coming soon

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  1. Thanks for a great blog that's a real inspiration for my own Mordheim project (if you're interested you can follow the project on my blog ).

    I really like the apple seller a lot and look forward to see some more citizens :) And I must say that you're very good at finding suitable miniatures for Gierburg.


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