Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Deathsman of Gierburg

Good day to you fine people!

In Gierburg you really don't want to get caught and put in prison. You have already seen the Torturer and Jailer and recently Big Al, the Gaoler. Today I present a gruesome so-called "Deathsmen" for Gierburg, a limited resin figure from ANAKRON Miniatures, which is already out of stock. Fortunately Chris put down his pre-order early on when he first saw it on CMON and is now the proud owner of this model.

I tried to echo the Gierburg colours (red and white/grey) in his clothes to suggest his affiliation with the city's government. The weathering on the axe was done as follows:
  1. Brush with GW tin bitz
  2. Brush with GW Boltgun Metal
  3. Heavily wash with watered down VMC Orange Brown
  4. Slightly overbursh with Boltgun metal once dry

Hope you like it!

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