Saturday, October 30, 2010

Captain Alatriste has arrived!

A few years ago a Spanish project revolving around Captain Alatriste caught a lot of attention on the Lead Adventure Forum. Based on the novels by Spanish author Arturo Pérez-Reverte the group produced some great looking 28mm miniatures, most noticeable Alatriste himself:

After some time the project was rumoured to be dead and it seemed as if the figures would never be available. Now there are news about a re-design of the project and a deal with Zenit Miniatures. However, the best news is that some of the original miniatures are currently available on ebay - for the incredible price of 3,99 EUR (current ebay link).

Of course I didn't hesitate and immediately bought a set, which arrived only three days later!

So here comes the best part: Photos! (click to enlarge)

Here's a size comparison with a swashbuckler from Black Cat Bases and a Black Scorpion pirate (30mm):

Conclusion: Very nice miniatures for a great price (although 6 EUR shipping does hurt a bit, but they arrived quickly and savely and the overall price is still good). Now I hope that the other original miniatures, for which we have seen the lovely greens already, will turn up as well.


  1. Ok, the size seems perfect at leasts it fits the Black Scorpion range nicely! Thanks for the size comparison.

    How are you going to base it on a round base, is it easy to cut off the resin part in the bottom?

    btw, I just ordered my set - that could be the start of a Spanish crew for LothS!

  2. Yes, the size is great. In fact they would fit both the larger Black Scorpion figures as well as to smaller ranges such as Foundry, because they are a bit smaller than BS and way more slender.

    I haven't worked with them yet but you always have to be careful when working with resin. When I assembled the ANAKRON deathsman ( I accidentally broke off one foot, because the mini is so fragile. These do look more solid. We'll see how it turns out...

  3. This sounds like a great project. I've been interested in a similar modelling project - since reading the first Captain Alatrise book (the English translation) which was on sale for just £1.00 in some remainder book shop.

    Ideally, my Alatrise project would be 40mm!

    Good Luck.


  4. They look outstanding! The skin tones on the pirate holding the bit of wood is out of this world.

  5. Yes, the minis look aweseome indeed! Please note that I didn't paint these though!! I shamelessly took the photos from the thread at the LAF. :)

  6. This miniatures are from Tercio Creativo, a spanish miniature company. They have more of that kind in their catalogue.

    Sorry for my english.

  7. Any one know if this is still available? I would love one!

  8. I'm afraid no, they're not available anymore.

  9. I would love to buy the Captain Alatriste figurine. Where can I get it?

  10. Hi, Corey. The figure was a special sale as it was no longer produced, so the figure will be near impossible to find these days. Check out Tercio Creativo for their latest news and products.

  11. There is another Alatrieste inspired figure form Brother Vini!/Captain-Batiste/p/38053093/category=6199066


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