Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hamburger Tactica 2012

This Saturday I've had a great time at this year's Tactica wargaming convention in Hamburg. As always it was a great event with amazing gaming boards and participation games, impressive dioramas and many vendors with lots of opportunities for shopping.

Now to start off with a few photos:

This Dystopian Wars table was mind-blowingly beautiful. The creativity that went into the buildings, the colors, the set-up... simply stunning! More at the Tactica Blog.

Thomas (aka "Chicken") of, who presented a Warhammer table last year, brought an even more impressive table this time: a great warhammer fortress! Unlike the previous table this one's perfectly playable with removable sections and all. (Again, more at the Tactica Blog.)

I only managed to take part in one participation game, a three-scenario mini campaign of Vampires vs civilians/hunters using the rules of Songs of Fear & Faith. These rules are very well suited for this kind of game as they are easy to pick up while still allowing for a proper variety in the characters.

A highlight was talking to the guys from Stronghold Terrain and buying a few of their excellent buildings. They had beautiful display pieces of their buildings at their booth:

 I was delighted to spot different sets of cobblestone streets among their preview products of which I had to buy two. I was told that they'll be up at the Stronghold online store within the next few months so be sure to check that out!

I was also happy to find Brother Vinni at the Tactica. I have been wanting to buy his Plague Doctor model for a while but since PayPal doesn't work in Russia and services like MoneyGram are horribly unaffordable I just couldn't pay for it before.

So lastly, here's a shot of my purchases. More coming soon with details on the individuals buldings of course.


  1. Excellent report! Love those buildings from Stronghold Terrain. I'll watch out for any new releases in the future. The town from Thomas “Chicken” Hahn is mind-blowing! Thanks for the link to the "making of..."
    By the way, there are a few other plague doctors out there. Foundry and Bruegelburg have a few of them.


  2. Who is the manufacturer of the houses ?

  3. Looks like a fun show, with some sweet tables!!


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