Thursday, November 14, 2013

Preparing for Battle

Two days of gaming Dogs Ahoy! pirate skirmish ahead ...

More to follow on Twitter (maybe) ...


  1. Is Dogs Ahoy! still alive? I was afraid you abandoned that idea. Nice to see it's not true!

  2. Hi, Skavenblight!
    Yes, I'm really focused these days. Lots of research and tweaking to make it "feel" like a pirate game rather than "some skirmish" game.

  3. Hey Chris, this looks brilliant! I'll read more about this game. Also, the second picture is glorious and shows more clearly what Gierburg might look like in the future! Have you thought about how you are going to texturise the rest of the board's surface? Is it all going to have cobblestone or mixed with earth and cluttered ground?

  4. Hi Joao! The next section will most likely be 60cm x 60cm, flat and totally cobblestone covered. I need a board like this for placing my buildings on, playing with the positioning, and taking diorama photos.
    For the other end of the existing port section I will make another port section with lots of cobblestone but I also want a raised level and I am not sure how exactly I will build that section. That's why I will do the easy plain cobblestone section first.


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