Friday, February 28, 2014

More Gierburg Citizens

Another couple of shady characters join the ranks of Gierburg citizens. Like the last ones these were again painted by the talented Simon Bradley.

A Gierburg merchant and his assisstant inspect a new load at the port

A young boy running in the streets of Gierburg

Most of the newcomers are again Highwaymen from Outpost Wargame Services.

Highwaymen and other scoundrel taking over the Port of Gierburg

With these highwaymen new in the city the Gang of Robbers, Bandits and other criminals is now large enough for battle:


  1. Chris, those shots are amazing. I love the "feel" of that place. You can really get the atmosphere of those docks, the pale faces of those dodgy characters, the dark, dirty alleys... now we need yet more pictures and atmospheric shots! Pretty please!! :)



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