Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Aquarium Decoration Jungle Ruins

Decor Brick Gate from
Europet Bernina (234-105382)
In preparation of some upcoming pirate gaming on tropical treasure islands I purchased a few aquarium decoration pieces to enhance my jungle gaming board.

I bought the first aquarium deco piece years ago when I first started pirate gaming: the Decor Brick Gate from Europet Bernina (234-105382).  I saw this item and a few others put to great use as 28mm scale terrain on the old website of Alex Bews (aka Witchhunter, which is sadly no longer online). For the base of my jungle board I got myself the beautiful 4x6 Beach wargaming mat from Deep-Cut Studio and now I need terrain to fill it. So aside from some jungle terrain sections I dediced to get some more aquarium terrain. Here it is!

Most pieces below are from the Aqua Ornaments range by Nobby, a German producer of pet supplies. If you are interested in these items, it is best to look them up by their product codes. I have noted the names of some of these items differ slightly between what what reads on their tags, on the Nobby website and on amazon. Speaking of amazon: the prices for this type of aquarium terrain change basically daily, sometimes drastically. So it's well worth putting them in the basket and waiting a bit, watching the prices develop as you can easily save a couple of Euros or Pounds this way.
All pieces are made of light-weight but durable polyresin and come nicely pre-painted.

Ruined Gate w/ Plants (Nobby 28277)

L21,3 x W9,3 x H12,3 cm
I got this piece for 13,14 EUR which is an awesome price, I think.

Ruined Gate w/ Plants (Nobby 28277)

Column w/ Bonsai w/ Plants (Nobby 28280)

L21,5 x W14,5 x H16 cm
This piece was 20,62 EUR.

Columns w/ Bonsai w/ Plants (Nobby 28280)

Ancient Tunnel Ruin (Rosewood 915645)

L12 x W13 x H10 cm
13 EUR

This last piece is probably the most iconic and well-known one. It is the only piece that is not from Nobby but from Rosewood. If you've been following the recent release of Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago you will probably have seen this item as part of the photos produced by NorthStar for the book.

Ancient Tunnel Ruin (Rosewood 915645)

A Foundry pirate in front of the Ancient Tunnel Ruin

The back side of the Ancient Tunnel Ruin

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