Sunday, February 3, 2019

Legends of the High Seas Resources

Legends of the High Seas cover
Just a short update: After a recent request I have just uploaded some old resources for Legends of the High Seas to the LotHS section of the blog:

  • Crew reference sheet
  • Random Happenings
  • Scenario: Mine, All Mine!
  • Scenario: Dock Raid

Anyone of you still playing this great classic skirmish pirate game?


  1. Not in many years, no... It was a fun game

  2. Even though this is an old game, a friend and I are getting into some pirate games some more this year. We have a few pirate ships and I have been working on port terrain (so the raid mission sounds good).

  3. I am absolutely loving your gorgeous blog!I love this blog.Thanks for sharing.


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