Sunday, December 20, 2015

Tavern from Stronghold Terrain

The Tavern by Stronghold-Terrain is the latest addition to my collection of 28mm houses. Let's take a look!

The contents of the Tavern kit
I already painted up a couple of buildings from Stronghold-Terrain's range of medieval terrain: the Townhouse, the Guild House and the now out of production Facades. The Tavern now is the last building from their range (except for the Stables, which I am not interested in for now).

Like their other houses the majority of the pieces is made from hard plaster, except for the roof, the base and a few extra bits, which are all cast from resin.

The entire piece put together

The tavern has a quite nice design with the steps and raised stonework. Especially the new roof makes the entire piece a lot more impressive (they used to have a more simple version for the roof).

As usual the quality of the cast was very good. I did use a bit of putty to fill in the gaps around the large window piece and the roof.

To allow for some interior gameplay I chose to install a floor inside the building. After glueing the walls together, I added some wood strips as support for a balsa floor.

There is not much to say about the painting process that has not been said already. This piece was quite similar to the recent Broom Binder's House from Thomarillion. In fact, I like to place these two houses close to each other on the gaming table because they fit together quite nicely.

Note that I did not paint up the base as I do not intend to use it. I always appreciate buildings that do not come attached to any kind of base. My Gierburg table will mostly be covered with cobblestones so the buildings integrate best if they simply have their stonework at the bottom of all walls with no earth/sand/mud area around it.

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