Wednesday, December 9, 2015


It's been a long time since my last post and indeed I did as little hobby activity as the lack of updates would make you believe. Nevertheless, as the year draws to a close I feel like a little looking back and ahead.

The Port of Gierburg board is still a big work-in-progress. I find it hard to decide on how to proceed with the intended upper level and I really need to make up my mind and just go with something.

The British Unrated Cutter
from Games of War
In October/November, Games of War secretly released a new ship: A British Unrated Cutter. I immediately purchased the ship as their quality has always been absolutely top-notch and I don't want to again miss the oportunity - like their Sea Prince, which went out of production before I made sure to get one. What is funny is that I actually previewed their work-in-progress ships back in 2012(!) on this very blog (under the tag line "coming soon" too). How time flies...
Anyway, if you are only slightly into pirate gaming you should absolutely pick up their products. The cutter is a very very nice ship with superb quality once again. I shall do a review some time soon. In fact, the ship is already primed and it shouldn't be too hard to paint. Probably a good way to get back into the hobby.

The huge stunner last month was the release of the gigantic Town Gate by Tabletop World. This thing looks mind-blowing. Fortunately they also made the Guard Tower available again. My order is on its way and I can't wait to see these two pieces in the flesh.
The Town Gate from Tabletop World

Then I recently backed the Kraken Mat kickstarter because of their Cobblestone City mat. Usually I am not fan of gaming mats but their unique approach to producing the designs won me over. They actually build the terrain and then photograph it and only make final touch-ups in Photoshop. This gives the mats a very realistic look - realistic in the sense of wargaming terrain, of course. This will make it blend well with the actual terrain pieces on top of it. So that's the theory. I really can't wait to get mine. Hopefully it will be a great alternative to my never-ending Gierburg board so that I have a great board for setting up my finished buildings.

The Cobblestone City mat from the Kraken Mat kickstarter

So lots of toys to draw me back into modelling and painting. Also, I already look forward to next year's Tactica convention at the end of February. The visit always gives me a huge motivation boost to finish some projects.

I also heard that Games Workshop intends to resurrect the Specialist Games section. Will this mean an eventual return of Mordheim in some way? This is definately something that would spark my interest - even it were in the weird Age of Sigmar setting. Though I hear that all the (attention, pun incoming!) cool kids  are playing Frostgrave these days. Hopefully there will be a demo game at the Tactica to get an idea of the rules. After all, I was playing Mordheim in the snow already years ago.


  1. Welcome Back Cianty, it has indeed been a long while! Thanks for posting about the Kraken mat, first I've seen of them & sadly missed the kickstarter.

  2. Thanks, Terry! Those mats really do look awesome, but I am still slightly skeptical, yet hoping they live up to the promising photos and videos. The Kraken Mats will be shipped through, by the way, and they actually accept pre-orders for the mats, albeit not at the lower kickstarter prices and those orders will not include the free bags from what I understood.

  3. Great Page, great Table Top houses.
    After getting reignited by the Mordheim Pc Game I started to look for terain and houses and ended more than once on your side.
    I also got on the cobblestone kickstarter and are a bit sad that these old townhouse fronts are anymore on sale.

  4. Hi Glorian,
    a friend of mine is frequently urging me to try out the game. I guess it must be really good. I need to take a look some day...
    You mean the Stronghold Terrain house fronts, rights? You could try to send them an email. Maybe they will make an exception and cast some for you, or maybe they still have some left?

    1. Hi Christian,
      I already send them an mail but no reply to date. Currently I have ordered one set of these babys.
      I will see how to use them. Our Mordheim Campaign will be run with the rules.

    2. Ho Glorian,
      those ruins look quite nice. Thanks for the link. I think I saw them before but forgot about them. I actually just purchased the lot. :) Should be fun little painting projects for a couple of free hours.
      I never had a look at Wyrd Wars. I guess it is an alternate rules system for "Mordheim"?

    3. Yes. The Wyrdwars rules are some kind of a mod for Mordheim. To sum it up, balancing of all Warbands. Every model has 3 Wounds, reduced maximum characteristics, so that one hero cant go through the roof with 4 Attacks and such. Scenarios income and earnings are based on the place in the current campaign and not bandrating. Also mechanisms in the scenarios that underdogs get some inducements so they stay in the campaign. :)


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