Sunday, May 27, 2018

Walls from Empress Miniatures

To complement my Caribbean pirate town I recently painted up a set of walls that I ordered together with the Spanish Church from Empress Miniatures.

Simple walls like these can be used in a variety of settings. With the pantile roof of the gateway these walls fit nicely into a Caribbean piratical setting. Empress offers all the various sections and posts individually so you can order the pieces that best suit your specific needs. I went for nine wall sections, four corner posts and four intermediate posts.

The walls can be set up to form a rectangle of roughly 18" x 20" size:

The walled area has enough space to contain my Caribbean buildings and the Church.

Wall Section with Gateway

The main entrance to the walled area is via the gateway:

Wall Section with Door

In addition to the gateway there is a section with a regular door:

Ruined Wall Sections

There are three different sections which are ruined/crumbled:


The resin walls are quite nice models with detailed textures. I prefer terrain pieces that are not mounted on bases, so I find that to be a downside. Also, I find the gateway a little too small for my 28mm Foundry pirates (and similarly sized figures). It is not too bad though and still acceptable. Overall, I am very pleased with the walls and have already used them in a couple of games. Actually, I have used at least some of the sections in all of my recent games. In fact, now that I have these walls I cannot imagine playing without them (or apropriate substitutes) as they add so much to a gaming table. When you play skirmish games with only a few models per side where movement and positioning of the models matter, such walls are great for confining parts of the gaming tables, creating dead-ends or other barricades. If you don't have any walls yet, I can't stress enough how much they improve the experience.

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