Sunday, April 8, 2018

Spanish Pirate Buildings from Games of War

A pirate gaming table for the Caribbean is made up of more than jungle and a beach. Interesting games require buildings so I got me some Spanish-style pirate buildings for my Caribbean pirate table.

Captain Blackbeard raids a Caribbean town

The pirate buildings from Games of War are made up of a few individual modules that allow to configure them so that you come up with three different two-storey houses:
  • Pirate Building with Doorway (PB009)
  • Pirate Building (PB010)
  • Pirate Pan Tiled Roof Section (PB005)
  • Small Pirate Pan Tiled Roof Section (PB006)
  • Pirate Balcony (PB007)
  • Pirate Portico (PB008)

Three two-storey pirate buildings from Games of War

The windows are laser-cut plastic. The pieces with doorways (PB009) come with resin doors.

The buildings require slightly more cleaning than the ships from Games of War but still not much. You need to glue the windows, doors, portico, balcony and small roof section in place. I filled the gaps between the buildings and the porticos and balcony with putty to achieve a smooth transition between the pieces.

In addition, I glued a few wooden bits below the upper storey pieces to prevent them from sliding across the ground floor.


Painting pan tiles roofs was new for me but I am quite happy with the initial colour choices: A base layer of Concrete (MIG pigment) on the black undercoat and a first layer of Burnt Red (Vallejo) for the tiles. Then I added some variation to individual tiles by mixing the red with Orange Brown (Vallejo) and Neutral Grey (Vallejo). Drybrushing the entire roof with red/grey then causes the pigments to spread across the tiles which gives them a nicely gritty appearance. Lastly, I applied some green and brown as the finishing touches.

After Concrete pigments from MIG for the gaps
I painted the shingles in different shades of red

I did a lot of experimenting with the adobe walls before setting on a final "recipe". Because of that, the buildings looks somewhat different and I can't even really describe what paints I chose in the end.  Greys, browns, beiges in all sorts of combinations were used.

Modular Double Storey Pirate Building

This is the simplest of the two storey buildings consisting of PB009 and PB010.

Modular Double Storey Pirate Building with Portico and Balcony

This building has a portico and balcony. To provide a door for the balcony the first floor is made up of the same module PB009.

Modular Double Storey Pirate Building With Portico and Side Roof Section

This building is configured to have a portico and side roof (PB009, PB010, PB006, PB007).

Note: The buildings are also modeled on the inside but I was too lazy to properly paint them up since this is only sometime visible during gameplay. Also, it seems that I did not wash the buildings enough since the paint is peeling off of the interior floor tiles. So when you prepare your buildings, make sure you clean then thoroughly before painting.


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