Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Pirates at the Port of Gierburg

After finishing the basic section of the Port of Gierburg gaming board, I thought it would be a good opportunity to set up a little diorama on the new board. It is also a good opportunity to finally present my pirate crew painted by Simon Bradley a bit earlier this year. The crew is led by infamous Captain Blackbeard and used for my pirates game Dogs Ahoy. Enjoy!

Blackbeard's crew terrorizes the port

Blackbeard and his quartermaster are from North Star Military Figures' On the Seven Seas range. The majority of the models is from Foundry's Pirates And Swashbucklers range with the exception of one Crusader Miniatures pirate (the other two from the set were painted by Simon before). As usual, the cobblestone bases are from Fenris.

Here are some shots of the pirates roaming the streets around the Port of Gierburg:

Smugglers hide in the tunnel underneath the town

Lastly, photos of the crew aboard the "Fly", a lovely model of an unrated British cutter from Games of War. I will post a proper review of the ship soon so here are two sneaky peaky previews:

Ship battle between Blackbeard's crew and Redbeard's Sea Dogs


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