Sunday, September 20, 2009

Citizens of Gierburg: Mr. Smith

Hey guys!

Today it's another civilian's turn: Garolph, the Blacksmith from Guild of Harmony. This is simply a magnificent miniature (and I mean the sculpt). It was a real pleasure to paint, as it is incredibly detailed yet logical and well proportioned. So it paints rather easily despite it's richness of detail.

Enough talk, here are the pics.

I wanted to keep the miniature as "brown" as possible to reflect the heavy protective leather clothing that I image a smith would wear. I also could not resist giving the metal rod an incandescant effect (although I have already used this on the torturer), because a smith's miniature just screams for such a detail.

Garolph in front of his workplace, the blacksmith's forge:

As usual, I hope you like it.
Cheers and see you next time,



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