Monday, September 14, 2009

Warhammer Blacksmith's Forge

My latest building for Gierburg is the Blacksmith's Forge from Forge World. I already posted the Warhammer Well and the Bloomery, and this is the last Forge World piece for now.1

  • Main Building
  • 2 Roof sections
  • Chimney
  • 5 sets of 2 shutters each
  • Set of 2 main doors

First impression
My first impression was that the building was smaller than I expected. It's not that small actually, the windows e.g. have the right height/position for a 28-30mm miniature. However, the door/gate looks rather small with a miniature in front of it.

Still, it is a great piece with astounding detail. I was very impressived with the wood structure, the detailed stones and the additional bits like barrels and wheels. The interior detail with the barrels, furnace and bellows is amazing. Also, there are no air bubbles in the resin. The quality of the piece is absolutely top level. There is nothing broken (as with the Bloomery) and there is very little flesh.

Apart from the disappointing size the only downside is that the base is a bit too big and thick and it requires some filing.

Second impression
I found a thin mold line on the chimney while cleaning the model, but that could be removed very easily. The quality really is great. However, there is one problem with the design: The two roof sections don't fit together so well, leaving a huge gap on the front wall. I tried washing the parts with warm water to bend them better but that didn't help. I was wondering for some time what to do with them until I finally decided to just glue the roof together and live with it.

I didn't glue the chimney on the model as otherwise I would have problems removing the roof. So the chimney is just put in there and can make place when necessary.

I added a sign from Thomarillion to the front above the door. I think it really adds a lot to the overall look.

The Painted Forge
Painting the forge was rather painless and done similarly to the Warhammer Stable. After the Governor's Mansion, which required a lot of additional work, it was refreshing to just paint a building.

1Unfortunately this building is currently out of production and not available in Forge World's online store (March 30th, 2010). Let's hope it returns soon!


  1. WOW! I love that forge! The smith fits in perfectly. And the paintjob is as usual exceptional.

    May I ask what you used for the patches of static grass?

    I would like to order some of that online if possible.

  2. Thanks, Tom! But what would the scenery do without your minis, though? :)

    The grass patches are from Silhouette, available from many shops.
    Microconstruct link:

    I think these things are sort of the 'State of the Art' of flocking. Highly recommended! :)

  3. I agree with Thomas, the stonewalling colours and roof slates are fantastic and really pop, great warmth in the slate colours in particular. It is the ground work though that is stand out for me. Love those plants!

  4. Thanks a lot, Carl! I too, am a big fan of those plants. Ever since I bought them I love adding them to every ground base I do. They really add a lot. If you are interested in them, I described the product in my post about the Blue Wolf Inn:

    But I don't think you will need them for your corridors. :)

  5. I love that smithy!
    Sadly my copy is in a sad state. I lost a half of the roof when i moved! nuuuu!

  6. Thank you! That is a shame about the roof. Maybe try to make a copy of the one you still have? Or create a destroyed roof with a hole in it - that way you would only need little balsa and few shingles for the other half. I guess that would work out nicely.

    (PS: I'm looking forward to the Twilight Knight - and the game as a whole! :)

  7. Oh... Forge I hate to love you....

    Anyways..great piece skills are always an if I could just get my lazy git friend In Altum to build his damn terrain...


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