Friday, September 25, 2009

Messengers of Death

An assassin might be a poseur who can kill well, but a Messenger of Death truly is a force of nature. Very few people know where they come from, why they do what they do, how they do what they do and where they go to. All that is certain is that a Messenger of Death is extremely effective at killing those they have been told to kill. In fact, they don’t always kill their targets, because the mere promise that a Messenger of Death is on your trail can send some individuals into taking their own lives. Unless that is also caused by a Messenger and made to look like suicide.

Today I'll get all cloak and dagger-y on you guys. These Messengers of Death as they are called in Gierburg, are elite assassins. And more. Those guys are maybe my favourite characters, so I am happy to present them to you today.

Gierburg's Messengers of Death are represented by the Assassins from Freebooter Miniatures.

According to the Gierburg backgroud, Messengers of Death traditionally wear "blood red masks".

A Messenger infiltrates the Burgomeister's Mansion:

I did a subtle "dust" effect on the Messenger of Death's cloak to underline his outdoor activities. I imagine these assassins to be masters of infiltration and escape, darting accross rooftops, climbing walls at unlikely angles, blending into crowds (or shadows) etc... getting through such a hit and run mission is unlikely to leave clothing immaculate.

Also Gierburg has some pretty filthy back-alley (ideal infil/exfil routes) favoured by Messengers of Death for the cover they provide. So again, I felt a slightly dirty cloak would emphasize this. Slightly dirty, because ideally a Messenger of Death should be able to remove his mask and look like an ordinary civilian if needed.

See you next time!
- Tom


  1. Terrific pictures, especially the interiors.

  2. It seems as if the victim is a dark heresy-mini, right?

  3. Hi, Yitu! The victim is "Dr Frankenmuller" from Heresy Miniatures:

  4. Truly spectacular! Made me wanna press rewind and watch it again and then i realized it was photos!
    An inspiration to us all you are.


  5. Really great looking stuff with so much athmosphere... love it!


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