Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Facades by Geboom

I don't usually do news posting on my blog but this has really inspired and impressed me:

After a long break Gerard Boom (aka Geboom; check out his website) has resumed his plaster carving work for tabletop scenery. I met him at this year's Tactica convention and it was great watching him do his thing and trying it myself. Now Geboom has posted some of the new facades for his "Amsterdam Canal Project" on his website (go to the projects section).

They're stunning. Geboom uses sketches from the Dutch digital archives for reference (search for "bouwtekening", or "voorgevel"). These first facades look very authentic and detailed. I can't wait for him to release resin castings of them and paint up a few myself.

After an update to the website the "Amsterdam Facade series" project is now available here.


  1. Perfect architectural reliability and style!

  2. Cianty,
    Thanks for posting my project on your link. 12 facades are finished now. Next step is to make real houses out of them.



  3. Very cool, Geboom! I can't wait to see the full houses.


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