Sunday, May 30, 2010

A New Old Coaching Inn

During my first visit to the Battlefield Berlin store I already noticed that they had two of DIMA's resin coaching inns in their shelves. You know, this one. Even though I already own one - no, actually because I already own one - I was very tempted. Painting it was the most fun I ever had painting anything and the building marks the beginning of my Gierburg board with all the buildings that followed. So during my last visit, after a great game of Flying Lead, I could not withstand temptation and bought one of the houses.

I don't think I will paint this up anytime soon, though. I have a lot to do with the remaining buildings from my Tabletop World order and I am more interested in those currently. But I will definately paint the inn some day. Maybe it will be the last building I finish for the board - a nice way of coming full circle. This time I will do some modifications to the building. Firstly, I want to remove the Mordheim emblems from the wall. Also, looking at the windows, they are quite thin so I could probably easily remove the "glass" and make them "see-through-able". Creating a proper interior for the house would be really cool and I think I will do something similar like I did with Resina Planet's Governor's Mansion by adding stairs, walls and interior. But that is still some time in the future. For now I just wanted to share my nostalgia. :)


  1. How much does it cost? It really looks great... But i was suprised there is no interior or floors...

    Do you know if the Forgeworld version has interior?

  2. It was 50 EUR wich is a fair price in my opinion.

    Yes, there is no interior. I will do all of it myself and I actually look forward to doing it. :)

    The FW Coaching Inn has a first floor (wooden planks) and inside walls. HOWEVER, there is no hole for possible stairs and there are not even holes, let alone doors, in the walls, which is a bit ridiculous. I never saved the photos I saw of the FW Coaching Inn's inside. Have a look at the first photo of this post to get a rough idea:

  3. Do they sell it online to? I love the model... and i don't think Forgeworld ever going to put there's online again. I even mailed them a few weeks ago, never got a reply. I guess creating the inside won't be to hard...

  4. Just sent you a PM via TBMF. :)


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