Monday, December 15, 2008

Upcoming Pirates from Black Tree Design

On the Polish Najmita forum I came across a post previewing greens of an upcoming pirate miniatures range from Black Tree Design. The models are sculpted by Flis Wojtek, who has been sculpting for Black Tree Design for five years. He has uploaded photos of his pirates to a photobucket album. I included some of my favourites in this post - see below.

Looters with Victims from Old Glory
I like these models a lot. Some of them have really great unique poses that you don't get from other manufacturers. The pirate cook is an awesome sculpt that makes for the perfect Cook Hired Hand for the Legends of the High Seas game. The pirate with the woman on his shoulders reminds me of Old Glory's characterful Looters with Victims models.

Once the miniatures are available I will add the range to my Collecting Pirate Miniatures reference. However, it seems Black Tree Design are late with releasing these minis so requesting them may speed up the release.

Alright now, without further ado, the pictures - enjoy!

Update July 22, 2018: After almost ten years, Black Tree Design, which is now EOE Orbis, is releasing the figures through a Kickstarter.

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