When I blog about my wargaming activities I try to squeeze as much information into a post as possible. Because of this they are usually full of links to other websites, cross-links to other blog posts, colour references and whatnot. I do this because I am terrible at remembering this and I am no friend of managing tons of bookmarks (which I have to do nonetheless). Often times this results in the blog posts ending up as articles rather than short status updates. This page lists some of those posts, either because of their popularity or because I find them especially useful (and frequently go back to them myself). Note that posts dedicated to specific models (usually buildings) are excluded as they can be found in the Terrain section.


Painting Stonework - A detailed step-by-step guide on how I paint stonework such as cobblestone streets or walls.


Collecting Gierburg Miniatures - A huge list of 'cloak and dagger' style miniatures suitable for my Gierburg setting

Tabletop Buildings and Scenery Manufacturers - Manufacturers and shops of 25mm-28mm buildings and scenery pieces for a variety of settings

Terrors of the High Seas - A list of sea monsters to use in pirate games
Setting Sail: Collecting Ships for Tabletop Games - An extensive reference of 25-28mm ships
Collecting Pirate Miniatures - A list of 25-30mm pirate figure manufacturers, plus a 'Legends of the High Seas' miniatures reference
Civilians for Pirate Games - A list of civilians and other characters for pirate wargames


My Top 10 Favourite Wargaming Boards (2009) - A list of spectacular and inspiring wargaming boards

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