Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mordheim Jester

 The unreleased Mordheim jester I purchased a few months ago is now standing in my cabinet next to the rest of my Gierburg crew.

Beautifully painted by Roman Lappat aka jar of Massive Voodoo:

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Broadsides & Boarding Parties

Some time ago the out of production MB game Broadsides & Boarding Parties was mentioned on Tom's forum as a good resource for cheap ships to abuse for wargaming. So I have been observing ebay auctions since then and now my own copy of the game has arrived.

The boxes main feature - for wargamers - is surely the two ship models. Although the ships (as well as the great looking figures) are something like 15mm they can be used for 28mm gaming just as well. The scale mismatch is most obvious on the gunports which are really small, but there is quite some space on deck for 25mm bases.

Here are a few photos with one of the ships next to the Old Glory Brigantine.


The ships do need some work on the planks (the models are meant to be used with a paper overlay for gaming purposes). That aside, they are really nice complete models for some fast near-out-of-the-box gaming. I'll take some more (hopefully better) pictures once I glued the models together and added planks.

I have no idea how the game itself is but the materials alone are definately worth it if you can snatch a good deal on ebay.

So here's another addition to the Tabletop Ship Reference.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Check out Forge Quest

Hi folks,

this is just a short post to pimp a blog that I think deserves more attention than it probably gets: Forge Quest. The author, Joao, is not only a cool friendly dude, he's also putting together a beautiful medieval town table that reminds me a lot of my own Gierburg efforts and serves as a great source of inspiration.
Check out the lastest post which shows off some very nice market stands and civilians - good stuff! Also you can see some photos of Ziterdes foam buildings on the blog which I haven't seen much on the internet yet.

cianty out.

Update April 6th, 2014: Joao has just restarted with a new blog: - so keep an eye on that!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mordheim Unreleased Jester

Illustration from the Mordheim rulebook
To my mind the most beautiful Mordheim figure that has never been officially released is the legless Jester. Based on one of the characterful illustrations in the Mordheim rulebook this sculpt perfectly captures the strong and unique atmosphere of the "City of the Damned", that makes the game appeal to so many players even today, years after it has been dropped by Games Workshop: A chaotically twisted environment that demands everything from the daring adventurers and which will award the brave with riches and fame but punish the weak with insanity, death or worse.

Metal jester

Jester painted by Mark Dixon

Unfortunately this is not only one of the coolest but also one of the rarest Mordheim miniatures. The figure never got passed the test cast stage and the ones in existence belong to (ex-)employees of GW. Not long ago there was a copy on ebay but I lost to a determined collector. Now thanks to Stu (fellow conspirator of the Border Town Burning project and author of the Liber Malefic) and his mysterious underground contacts I managed to get my hands on a copy of this rare figure.

I hadn't dared to dream of ever owning one of these until it popped up on ebay but when it went to another collector I quicky gave up hoping again. Now I really can't wait to see this guy painted up and join the other Gierburg jesters.

Update: The jester has been painted by Roman Lappat. Check it out here.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Welcome Home

Rocking out to Rehab's latest album Welcome Home. Digging it big time while I'm digging out the painting tools to do some painting soon. Oh My!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

CMON Annual 2009 out now

The CoolMiniOrNot Annual 2009 is out now and I got my copy today. Like its predecessor, the 2008 annual, this is a beautiful hard-cover book featuring the most stunning works from the CMON website of the respective year. Since I did not get the 2008 one before I took the chance to buy both annuals as a bundle.

As the icing on the cake a piece painted by yours truly somehow found its way into the book.

 Top right: The Blue Wolf Inn in the scenery section of the 2009 Annual

These books are pretty cool sources of eye candy and I definately recommend them to any miniatures enthusiast. However, I was disappointed with some of the layout and composition decisions. There a near identical photos of some miniatures, which are just unnecessarily taking up space, along with a few photos which are too dark to make good sense of them, and then there are some mind-blowing pieces I saw on CMON before, which are squeezed in there as very small pictures when they really deserved to fill entire pages. I know that filling the pages comes with a lot of tough decisions regarding what to include and which photos, what size, etc. etc. And then there's also personal preference. But I do wish that some works were represented better than they are. Still, these are very fine tomes so let's see what 2010 will bring.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Liber Malefic: Unseen library

Just a quick post to recommend Stu's insightful report of the Black Library Live 2011 event: Liber Malefic: Unseen library - apropriately concluded with a Mordheim game!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hamburger Tactica 2011

After 2009 and 2010 my visit at this year's Tactica convention has been the third time in a row. Unlike last year where I only had a few hours because I was in the process of moving to Berlin, I combined the event with visiting a friend who had just moved to Hamburg. Also I met up with some of my old gaming mates and it was great to see them again.

Warning: Please excuse the horrible quality of the photos! I know they are really bad and don't do the beautiful works that were presented any justice. All they do is give you a rough idea and I will include links to other galleries of the show as I find them. Also, I try to provide you with links to galleries of the works if I know them.

Something I very much looked forward to was checking out the Freebooter Miniatures' relatively new game Freebooter's Fate. I only had a quick look at the rulebook at my local gaming store and while the book looks absolutely gorgeous, just as Werner Klocke's miniatures, I didn't know how the game would play out. What I did know already is that is uses dicelss system of cards for determining hit or miss and damage. The hit system is not really new - I know the concept from Games Workshop's Pit Fighter game, which was published in issues 1 and 3 of the short-living Fanatic Magazine (see the "Gladiators" section of my blog under "Games").
The four of us got to play the game on one of the presentation tables. We each had a crew of three models and the objective was to find our captain who was locked away somewhere on a graveyard (yeah, pirates do this kind of stuff!). The board was pretty crowded with four crews so the action started pretty quickly. While I managed to pretty much eradicate the enemy to my right the opponent to my left managed to find their captain and had the game lasted longer (we restricted it to four rounds to not go on for too long) he probably would have won.
I won't give a review of the game here as I would need more experience to get a proper in depth feel for the system. I will say though that playing without dice is a nice change - even though I saw (and still don't see) a need for it. We had a good idea of the game quickly so it definately is a fitting system for a demo/presentation game. I don't know how it will play in the long run of a campaign and how deep the system really is. So far, I have only heard good things though.

 Freebooter's Fate gaming tables

Another hightlight of the show was meeting Thomas, aka "Chicken", of Until then I had only known him via the internet. He had sent me one of his scratch-built houses for me to paint (and keep!) and he presented a gorgeous Imperial city board (see gallery here).

Right next to Thomas' city there was - and this is a great tradition of the convention - another gaming table by Wolfgang: The Imperial Seaport (see gallery at Gidian-Gelände).

Like last year Geboom had his table/stall, carving plaster and selling resin cast of his works. I posted about his latest works - beautiful facades of Amsterdam houses - on my blog last year. He had casts of three facades on offer of which I happily bought one copy of each.

Lastly, some more random photos of various gaming boards and miniatures. I didn't even try to cover all of the tables and stands. It is just too much. Plus there is my lacking ability of taking proper photos. Still, I did take some photos so here they are. Hopefully you'll enjoy them anyways.

Norse Army by Witchhunter

 Further reading/watching:
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