Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hamburger Tactica 2012

This Saturday I've had a great time at this year's Tactica wargaming convention in Hamburg. As always it was a great event with amazing gaming boards and participation games, impressive dioramas and many vendors with lots of opportunities for shopping.

Now to start off with a few photos:

This Dystopian Wars table was mind-blowingly beautiful. The creativity that went into the buildings, the colors, the set-up... simply stunning! More at the Tactica Blog.

Thomas (aka "Chicken") of, who presented a Warhammer table last year, brought an even more impressive table this time: a great warhammer fortress! Unlike the previous table this one's perfectly playable with removable sections and all. (Again, more at the Tactica Blog.)

I only managed to take part in one participation game, a three-scenario mini campaign of Vampires vs civilians/hunters using the rules of Songs of Fear & Faith. These rules are very well suited for this kind of game as they are easy to pick up while still allowing for a proper variety in the characters.

A highlight was talking to the guys from Stronghold Terrain and buying a few of their excellent buildings. They had beautiful display pieces of their buildings at their booth:

 I was delighted to spot different sets of cobblestone streets among their preview products of which I had to buy two. I was told that they'll be up at the Stronghold online store within the next few months so be sure to check that out!

I was also happy to find Brother Vinni at the Tactica. I have been wanting to buy his Plague Doctor model for a while but since PayPal doesn't work in Russia and services like MoneyGram are horribly unaffordable I just couldn't pay for it before.

So lastly, here's a shot of my purchases. More coming soon with details on the individuals buldings of course.

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