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Collecting Gierburg Miniatures

For my Gierburg setting I am collecting figures from all kinds of periods and manufacturers. The styles range from medieval to something like English Civil War; one big inspiration is the Brotherhood of the Wolf film. In this post I list all the figures suitable for the game, which I came across on the internet, thus making this a mix between a massive 'to buy' list, style guide and a source of inspiration.

Bondsmen, Bounty Hunters and outher Scoundrel

Name of Miniature/RangeProducerSamples
Bounty Hunter ('Pirates of the Skeleton Seas' range, Model: bcbbhp1)Black Cat BasesT. List, Erwan
Highwaymen ('The ROBBERS' section and others)Outpost Wargame Services
Highwaymen ('Highwaymen & Pirates' range)Laughing Monk Miniatures
Highway Man (Hired Sword for Mordheim)Games Workshop
Sea Dogs - Yul Brinner, El Chameau, Seaman Staines ('Pirates' range, CCP001)Crusader MiniaturesT. Weiss
Venetian Citizens ('The Guild' faction for Carnevale game)Vesper-On

Assassins, Thieves & Rogues

Name of Miniature/RangeProducerSamples
Various (e.g. Trucco, Apagado, Bonaccia)
('Brotherhood' faction for Freebooter's Fate)
Freebooter MiniaturesT. List, Bren
Noble ('Patricians' faction for Carnevale game)Vesper-On
Barnaboti man ('Patricians' faction for Carnevale game)Vesper-On
Capodecime ('The Guild' faction for Carnevale game)Vesper-On
Harlot ('The Guild' faction for Carnevale game)Vesper-On
The Duque/The Duke('Independent Character' for Carnevale game)Vesper-On
Rialto Assessin ('Independent Character' for Carnevale game)Vesper-On
Master Spy (Pathfinder, 60087)Reaper Miniatures
Slipshadow, Thief (Dark Heaven Legends, 02653)Reaper Miniatures
Male Dual Wield Assassin ('Visions in Fantasy' range, DSM7424)Dark Sword Miniatures
Kurff The Swift (Dark Heaven Legends, 02034)Reaper Miniatures
RothMartyn of the DarkWold ('Aenglish' faction, RBG0116)Red Box Games
Slithe the Assassin ('Rusted Heroes' range, RHM4002)Fantization Miniatures
Khayle the Thief ('Rusted Heroes' range, RHM4001)Fantization Miniatures
Female Assassin ('Visions in Fantasy' range, DSM7415)Dark Sword Miniatures
Female Mantis Assassin (Limited Edition figure)CoolMiniOrNotT. List
Female Assassin - Easley ('Easley Masterworks' range, DSM4108)Dark Sword Miniatures
Thief (now out of production)Heresy MiniaturesT. List
Male Thief/Ranger with bow ('Visions in Fantasy' range, DSM7305)Dark Sword MiniaturesS. Bradley
Rogue 1Custom Made MinisT. List
Male Thief with sword and dagger ('Visions in Fantasy' range, DSM7104)Dark Sword Miniatures
Female Thief ('Visions in Fantasy' range, DSM7211)Dark Sword Miniatures
Dub Bullock, Rogue (Dark Heaven Legends, 03026)Reaper Miniatures
The Journeyman Gerard ('Aenglish' faction, RBG0166)Red Box Games

Jesters & Street Performers

Name of Miniature/RangeProducerSamples
Jules le Jongleur (99060203103)Games WorkshopT. List
Mordheim Jester (unreleased Mordheim model)Games WorkshopRoman,
M. Dixon
Omoklon, Twisted JesterGuild of HarmonyT. List
Jesters (BRU-15)Lead Adventure
Male Bard with Lute ('Easley Masterworks' range, DSM4116)Dark Sword Miniatures
Alfred Redlute Bard ('Dark Heaven Legends' range, 02186)Reaper Miniatures
Alfred Redlute, Bard ('Dark Heaven Legends' range, 03485)Reaper Miniatures
Minstrel ('Fantasy Villagers' range, HFV009)Hasslefree Miniatures
Town Guard (Musician model, '28mm Fantasy Miniatures' range, 28FM0101)Scibor Monstrous Miniatures
Minstrel (Talisman game)CitadelC. Clayton
Travelling Players (c46 Villagers & Townsfolk, The Travelling Players )Citadel

Merchants and Noblemen

Name of Miniature/RangeProducerSamples
Merchants (Hansa Teutonica) (BRU-50)Lead Adventure
Merchants (Veneticum Mercatori) (BRU-51)Lead Adventure
Sandru Vhiski ('Pathfinder' range, 60148)Reaper Miniatures
Governor ('Pirates' range)Black Scorpion Miniatures
Governor ('Pirates' range)Black Scorpion Miniatures
Privateer Captain ('Pirates' range)Black Scorpion Miniatures
Privateers 1 ('Pirates' range)Black Scorpion Miniatures
Privateers 2 ('Pirates' range)Black Scorpion Miniatures
Noble Ludópata ('Patricians' faction for Carnevale game)Vesper-On
Butler ('Patricians' faction for Carnevale game)Vesper-On
Nobleman ('Pirates' range, bcbnmp1)Black Cat Bases
Bodyguard/Militia leader ('PERSONALITIES, SCENIC FIGURES' section, NHP6)Outpost Wargame Services
Diego the Rogue (now out of production)Heresy MiniaturesT. List
Swashbuckler ('Pirates of the Skeleton Seas' range, bcbsbp1)Black Cat BasesT. List
Aristocrats ('18th Century Equipment, Guns & Civilians' range, GP3)Front Rank Figurines
Dr Frankenmuller, Mad Scientist ('Fantasy Miniatures>Heroes>Humans' range, UNDEAD017)Heresy Miniatures
Jailer and Torturer (now out of production)Heresy MiniaturesT. List
Governor's Daughter ('Pirates' range)Black Scorpion Miniatures
Barnaboti mujer ('Patricians' faction for Carnevale game)Vesper-On
Victim 2 - Her Ladyship ('VICTIMS' section, NHV2)Outpost Wargame Services
Dragoon Officer's wife mounted ('VICTIMS' section, NHV5)Outpost Wargame Services
Dragoon Officer's wife on foot ('VICTIMS' section, NHV6)Outpost Wargame Services

Civilians & Townsfolk

Name of Miniature/RangeProducerSamples
Clubmen Militia ('Pike & Shotte' range, WGP-EC-48)Warlord GamesS. Bradley, Benbow
Clubmen with Pike and Muskets ('Pike & Shotte' range, WGP-EC-49)Warlord GamesS. Bradley
Garolph, BlacksmithGuild of HarmonyT. List
Female Hostage ('Pirates of the Skeleton Seas' range, bcbhctp1)Black Cat BasesT. List
Wench ('Pirates of the Skeleton Seas' range, bcbwctp1)Black Cat BasesT. List
Inn keepers Wife ('Scenery>Space>Space Bases' range, bcbikwp1)Black Cat BasesT. List
Tavern Cook ('Scenery>Space>Space Bases' range, bcbcscp1)Black Cat BasesT. List
Inn Keeper ('Scenery>Space>Space Bases' range, bcbikp1)Black Cat BasesT. List
Fishwife ('Fantasy > Civilists' range, 101-010-03)Alionas MiniaturesT. List
Apple-seller ('Fantasy > Civilists' range, 101-010-04)Alionas MiniaturesT. List
Village Kiddies ('Fantasy Villagers' range, HFV008)Hasslefree MiniaturesT. List
Medieval Kids ('Fantasy Humans' range, HFH044)Hasslefree MiniaturesT. List, Picster
Kids! ('Civilians' range, CIV05)Gripping Beast
Frenzied Mob (Miscellaneous for Mordheim, 99111102056)Games Workshop
Civilian wagon drivers ('18th Century Equipment, Guns & Civilians' range, GP1)Front Rank Figurines
Civilians (1 in smock with shovel, 1 walking with pick, 1 carrying sack, 1 walking) ('18th Century Equipment, Guns & Civilians' range, GP2)Front Rank Figurines
Civilians (1 soldier on crutch, 1 maid with basket, 1 old hag, 1 clergyman preaching) ('18th Century Equipment, Guns & Civilians' range, GP4)Front Rank Figurines
Bar 'wench' ('PERSONALITIES, SCENIC FIGURES' section, NHP1)Outpost Wargame Services
The Barkeep ('PERSONALITIES, SCENIC FIGURES' section, NHP2)Outpost Wargame Services
The Blacksmith ('PERSONALITIES, SCENIC FIGURES' section, NHP4)Outpost Wargame Services
Townsfolk I ('Dark Heaven Legends' range, 02583)Reaper Miniatures
Townsfolk II ('Dark Heaven Legends' range, 02584)Reaper Miniatures
Townsfolk III ('Dark Heaven Legends' range, 02655)Reaper Miniatures
Townsfolk V ('Dark Heaven Legends' range, 02825)Reaper Miniatures


Name of Miniature/RangeProducerSamples
Sarah the Seeress ('Dark Heaven Legends' range, 03073)Reaper Miniatures
Sarah the Seeress ('Dark Heaven Legends' range, 02030)Reaper Miniatures
Anzen Contar, Mystic and Familiar ('Dark Heaven Legends' range, 03596)Reaper Miniatures

Other figures

Name of Miniature/RangeProducerSamples
Falknerin ('Battlefield Babes' range, BFB001)Battlefield Berlin

Wagons, Coaches & Carts

Name of Miniature/RangeProducerSamples
Kinder Nacht Wagon ('Kindernacht' range in Gothic Horror, GHK0005)West Wind Productionstbroadwater
Gentleman's Coach ('Empire of the Dead:Requiem')West Wind Productions
Hansom Cab ('Empire of the Dead:Requiem')West Wind Productions
London Omnibus ('Empire of the Dead:Requiem')West Wind Productions
Stage Coach Set ('Mordheim' range, 99111102047)Games Workshop
Stage coach ('Old West' range, STG1c/STGIa/STGlb)Dixon Miniatures
Peddler Wagon ('Wagons Ho' range, BMM1304)Blue Moon/Old Glory
Doctors wagon ('Wagons Ho' range, BMM1308)Blue Moon/Old Glory
Roman Travelling Coach ('Hail Caesar' range, WGH-IR-76)Warlord Games
Pike & Shotte General's Coach ('Pike & Shotte' range, WGP-EC-56)Warlord Games


Name of Miniature/RangeProducerSamples
25mm round DS Innsmouth Cobblestones (FGDBSET25)Fenris Games
10x Cobblestone bases ('Empire of the Dead:Requiem')West Wind Productions

Further Reading

Setting Sail: Collecting Ships for Tabletop Games - An extensive reference of 25-28mm ships
Collecting Pirate Miniatures - A list of 25-30mm pirate figure manufacturers, plus a 'Legends of the High Seas' miniatures reference
Terrors of the High Seas - A list of sea monsters and using tentacles in pirate games

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Terrors of the High Seas

What is naval wargaming in the Golden Age of Piracy without terrifying sea monsters? With the recent additions to my shipyard I knew I had to get myself a proper maritime threat to go along with them - both as a visual enhancement to the tabletop and as a new possibility for game mechanics.

Hunting for Monsters

"Frutti di Mare" by muhani
(source: Massive Voodoo blog)
I had been searching for cool sea monsters since I first started playing Legends of the High Seas and didn't really find anything to my liking before. My vision was perfectly captured in Robert (aka muhani)'s Frutti di Mare diorama project. Unfortunately those tentacles were only sculpted for that specific project and not meant to be reproducable. So there was my perfect inspiration but no means for realisation.

There are a few sea monster models available in the market that I know of (please post a comment if you can think of any other!): Kobblestone has a big fish-like Sea Monster. Black Cat Bases has a Kraken and so does Armorcast. And then there's this list of Fishmen and Sea Creatures at Frothers. But none of these models really satisfied me; especially the kraken I find rather underwhelming.

Kobblestone's Sea Monster and the two Kraken models from Black Cat Bases and Armorcast

Update May 11th, 2018: If you have a 3D printer, this Kraken from Printable Scenery may be of interest to you although I am not too impressed by the details, textures and proportions of that model.

The tentacles grabbing for a brigantine
(source: Fist Full of Seamen blog)
Consequently I was totally excited when I read this post at the Fist Full of Seamen blog: Tentacles! Lots of them! Exactly what I had been looking for all the time.

Release the Kraken!

Robert Watson of Immortal Realms offers a number of tentacles in various sizes and positions plus a huge Kraken head. The tentacles range from "small" (still twice the size of a normal pirate!) to truly gigantic.

With one exception the tentacles are cast in clear resin (with a light yellow tone). This gives them a very artsy touch making them look more like some original interior design objects rather than... uhm... toys. To be honest, it even made me feel kind of bad thinking about undercoating them.

So what about that one exception I mentioned? One of the tentacles is incredibly huge. This one is made of a flexible rubbery foam. Look at this:

The tentacles for comparison

The quality of the casts is good. There is some damage on the huge tentacle compromising the texture but I think that can pass as a scar - from previous ship battles.

Playing with Tentacles

What I enjoy about the use of tentacles instead of a single Kraken model is that this leaves the true horror to the players' imagination. How large really is the Kraken to which the tentacles belong to? Are they just the tip of the iceberg? Like any good horror film the effect is much more intense when it is only alluded to, rather than simply showing off everything.

But there is another nice side effect to this. Now you don't have one enemy model to fight against - you have many enemy models to defend against. All of which belong to the same entity. This allows for much more interesting scenario conditions than the old worn out concept of a single powerful enemy model. The ship crews need to fight back the approaching tentacles before they grab crew members or - much worse - damage the ship and pull it down into the dark depths of the seas. Navigation of the ship will not only be determined by the best position for a broadside against the opposing player's vessel but also by the tentacles drawing near.

By now I think I have given you enough reason to head over to Immortal Realms and get yourself some tentacles. Let your brave seafarers send this squid right back to Davy Jones!

So what if I want head?

If you still do want to have a "head" to complement the creature there are currently two good options, I think. I already mentioned that Immortal has a head on offer along with the tentacles.

The full kraken by Immortal Realms

As I write this there is a cool Kickstarter campaign running: Grifted Vision's Dungeon Crawler. At the $60 pledge level you get an unpainted kraken model.

Grifted Vision's kraken model as presented on Kickstarter
I actually like this model a lot more than Immortal Realm's head and I think it will go perfectly with the tentacles creating a gigantic kraken experience. So check out their campaign. To quote them: Keep calm and GET KRAKEN!

Further Reading

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