Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Return of the Great Adventure

Another year is coming to an end and I thought I'd combine talking about my future plans with a retrospective and explanation of why it has been so silent around here. Prepare to leave the world of tabletop gaming in the process and enter new realms of geek gaming! Yieks.

I moved to Berlin in February/March this year so that was a huge change, leaving my established wargamers behind. However, I had a great time on a few occasions here and I hope to find the time for more gaming in the local "scene".

I finally placed a huge order and bought all buildings from Tabletop World's current range. At that time! A few months later TW announced that all of them would be discontinued and so now they are OOP. I was somewhat sad and disappointed to hear about this, but they are slowly rebuilding the range with completely re-modelled versions of the old houses. Earlier this month they released a stunning new version of the Merchant's House and it is truly a beauty (even though the roofs are not exactly my thing). Especially the interior on that model, just as with the new monstrous watch tower, are superb and I can't wait to see what they come up with next. So far, I have painted two of the buildings: the Merchant's House and Medieval Inn.

Actually I did a lot of modelling and assembling on various pieces, few of them were finished (like the gallows) and are still lying here as work-in-progress. I have started writing about them but finished posts with photos will come only later next year.

Another big thing for me was the release of the 2nd edition of the Border Town Burning supplement for Mordheim. This project had me occupied for so many years, it feels really good to finally let it go. I hope to see even more people put the rules to use or let themselves be inspired by them. Along with the announcement of the very final completion of BTB we also opened the doors to the follow-up project "Mutiny in Marienburg". You can read about that on the Liber Malefic blog. There will be lots of Mordheim goodness coming from there, so watch out for that blog if you care for Mordheim.

This brings me to the future...

I already dedicated quite a bit of time this year into creating my own pirates rules set and I definately want to continue with that next year. Aside from working on those rules I want to finish painting the last two Tabletop World buildings I have: The Forge and the huge Ruined Coaching Inn. These two pieces will require a lot of time, attention and dedication.

Speaking of dedication: The greatest and most infuential thing for me this year (remember, I am speaking hobby exclusively! ;) was the discovery of the Adventure Game Studio. This incredible piece of software lets you create adventure games, the type of classic click-and-point adventures I enjoyed in the 90's, mostly the famous LucasArts titles "Monkey Island", "Indiana Jones" 3 and 4, "Loom" and more. But this is not the moment to talk about adventure gaming, I might do so if anyone is interested in the topic?
Still, I am currently totally enjoying creating my very own adventure world and game. It's just so much fun. I have done quite a bit of work on the game already so I end this post with a bit of preview material.
I can't believe you have actually read all of this rather lengthy post so if you really did: Thank you, and let me know what you think! If you just skipped the boring words looking for eye candy: Here comes the pixel art, totally out of nowhere. Your fault. Enjoy.
Have a great holiday season and a happy new year!
See you in 2011.

An early preview video showing the stairway of a rundown London house
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