During the last years my main focus with the hobby has been on collecting, creating and painting scenery and terrain pieces while I left the painting of my figures to talents such as Tom List and Simon Bradley. Mostly I was concerned with 28mm half-timbered houses for a multi-purpose gaming board, suitable for historical pirate games, typical fantasy games such as Mordheim, and for my own universe: The Free City of Gierburg. On this page you can find a visual list of these terrain pieces with links to their respective blog posts which provide reviews of the products and details regarding assembling and painting.

I will be gradually updating and extending this page with new items as well as older projects so stay tuned. :)

Gierburg - Medieval Buildings

Other Gierburg related Terrain & Scenery

Pirate Terrain & Scenery

Gaming Mats

Sources of Inspiration

The following websites have been either continous sources of inspiration or frequent references for my terrain projects and I highly recommend checking them out!

  • Wolfgang Jädtke's gallery at Gidian-Gelände - I don't think there is anyone out there who doesn't already know about the foamboard wizard and his amazing gaming boards.
  • Trull's gallery at Gidian-Gelände and his blog - His dioramas are absolutely stunning.
  • Stronghold-Terrain don't only offer high quality buildings, they provide useful tutorials and stunning photos of their products as well. One of the guys, Elmar Fischer, has a great website full of tutorials too: Elladan.
  • The friendly and creative communities at Tom's Boring Forum and the Lead Adventure Forum have always inspired and encouraged me.
  • Wargamers can learn a lot from railway modellers when it comes to terrain: One of the best examples is Marcel Ackle and his stunning works. 009 also provides excellent information and tutorials. Over at Vampisol there are also a lot of excellent tutorials full of eye candy.

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