Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mordheim Jester

 The unreleased Mordheim jester I purchased a few months ago is now standing in my cabinet next to the rest of my Gierburg crew.

Beautifully painted by Roman Lappat aka jar of Massive Voodoo:

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Broadsides & Boarding Parties

Some time ago the out of production MB game Broadsides & Boarding Parties was mentioned on Tom's forum as a good resource for cheap ships to abuse for wargaming. So I have been observing ebay auctions since then and now my own copy of the game has arrived.

The boxes main feature - for wargamers - is surely the two ship models. Although the ships (as well as the great looking figures) are something like 15mm they can be used for 28mm gaming just as well. The scale mismatch is most obvious on the gunports which are really small, but there is quite some space on deck for 25mm bases.

Here are a few photos with one of the ships next to the Old Glory Brigantine.


The ships do need some work on the planks (the models are meant to be used with a paper overlay for gaming purposes). That aside, they are really nice complete models for some fast near-out-of-the-box gaming. I'll take some more (hopefully better) pictures once I glued the models together and added planks.

I have no idea how the game itself is but the materials alone are definately worth it if you can snatch a good deal on ebay.

So here's another addition to the Tabletop Ship Reference.
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