Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Deathsman of Gierburg

Good day to you fine people!

In Gierburg you really don't want to get caught and put in prison. You have already seen the Torturer and Jailer and recently Big Al, the Gaoler. Today I present a gruesome so-called "Deathsmen" for Gierburg, a limited resin figure from ANAKRON Miniatures, which is already out of stock. Fortunately Chris put down his pre-order early on when he first saw it on CMON and is now the proud owner of this model.

I tried to echo the Gierburg colours (red and white/grey) in his clothes to suggest his affiliation with the city's government. The weathering on the axe was done as follows:
  1. Brush with GW tin bitz
  2. Brush with GW Boltgun Metal
  3. Heavily wash with watered down VMC Orange Brown
  4. Slightly overbursh with Boltgun metal once dry

Hope you like it!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Lady Killer

Hey guys!

Today's miniature is a Female Assassin from CoolMiniOrNot. Like some of the other minis I showed you recently she is a limited edition and now OOP. This was a particularily intricate model to paint, because it is very finely detailed. Colour wise I wanted her to somewhat match the Messengers of Death that I painted last year.

Assassin sneaking up on two young noblemen

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Swashbuckling Nobles

Hi Gierburgers!

Today I am showing you two young noblemen I painted for Chris. On these guys I went for a "clean"shirt, using a more blue-ish palette to suggest a thinner and more expensive cloth. One that would suit young noblemen.

I started with a mix of VGC Sombre Grey + VMC White and worked my way up to pure white. Some folds in the shirt took some time to get accentuated properly, because they were either very shallow or non existant. I always find that painting whites is pretty difficult and even when you get the hang of it, you need to be REALLY patient.

Richard - Work in Progress

The first one is Richard the Rake (originally named "Diego the Rogue") from Heresy Miniatures. This really cool and charismatic mini is one of Andy Foster's earliest sculpts (along with Scrote, the Jailer) and unfortunately they both were taken out of the Heresy range recently.

The second nobleman is by Black Cat Bases. This one doesn't have a name (yet) - something cianty will hopefully remedy soon!

Just like Richard this one wears a posh white shirt to stress his social status in Gierburg.

The two nobles fighting a group of Bondsmen

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bondsmen of Gierburg: The Leader

A few months ago I presented the first members of Chris' warband of Bondsmen for Gierburg. Today I present their leader: Gerrard, Bondsmen Leader, sculpted by Tom Meier, produced by Dark Sword Miniatures. While Chris really loved the sculpt, he chose to add a tricorne from Black Scorpion's pirate weapon sprue to the model to make it fit the Bondsman style of French greatcoats.

I tried to use as much black as possible without making the miniature dull to look at.

Gerrard leading his group of Bondsmen through the streets of Gierburg

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Going a little off topic today...

After seeing this episode of the Nostalgia Critic I had to dig up the intro to DuckTales.

Aaah.. the memories.. The version I grew up with was obviously the German one:

It's awesome to hear other countries' versions as well. Personally I find the Dutch version incredibly epic:

There even is a full length version of the song:

As a Barks fan I can't totally approve of the TV show but the song is definately catchy as hell. In fact most of these old shows have awesome intros: Chip 'n Dale, Gummi Bears, Tale Spin, Darkwing Duck... Browsing youtube for these songs is always a fun trip down memory lane. The comics (and to a lesser extend the cartoons) got me into drawing, painting and eventually the wargames hobby. Maybe I'll go into that a bit further at some point in the future. Anyways, back to Thomas and his latest Gierburg paint jobs...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Citizens of Gierburg: Kids

Hey guys!

Today is Kid's Day in Gierburg. These cute figures are all from Hasslefree Miniatures, namely it's the Village Kiddies and the Medieval Kids packs.

The cutest models I have ever had the opportunity to paint.

Trick or treat
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