Monday, April 27, 2009

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Big Legends of the High Seas update! First off, the Pirates section has been updated with lots of goodies for the game:

Living FAQ
I have compiled an FAQ with things my group came across in our games. All answers have been confirmed by the book's author Tim Kulinski on the LotHS Yahoo group. If we come across any new issues I will add them to the list (hence the "living").
Update: The FAQ has been updated and is now also available directly from the Warhammer Historical website.
Update 24-09-2012: FAQ is now available from this blog as Warhammer Historical is no more.

Random Happenings
In my gaming group we have been using a set of random happenings for some time now. I wrote these rules based on the Random Happenings article by Mark Havener and Tim Huckelbery which was first published in White Dwarf 240. Many thanks to my gaming group for playtesting them and to Stu Cresswell for his invaluable proof-reading.

If you have any feedback on these random happenings feel free to post them on the LotHS Yahoo group or just leave me a comment here.

Scenario: Dock Raid
This is a little scenario we have recently played in our group. Try it if you like!

Scenario: Mine
Another new scenario. Well, not that new actually. I originally wrote the scenario ("Horrors of the Underground") for the Mordheim supplement Border Town Burning and built some special tunnel tiles for it. Since the scenario is so much fun and Jens from my LotHS gaming group wanted to play on the tiles, I adapted the scenario to the pirates setting. So if you enjoy playing something different, try the scenario. There are templates for you to print off in case you don't want to start building your own mine. :)

Here are some (admittedly sub-par) photos of our session:

Jens deploys his Crew in the centre of the set-up and explores the tunnels from there.

I am the attacker and start at the tunnel entrance.

Steadily I move towards the opposing pirates.

In the meantime Jens' pirates are fighting off wolves (represented by Mordheim Chaos Warhounds, ehem..) and the angry bear (represented by a panda bear for BTB).

New Releases
Black Cat Bases had a ship on their workbench for ages (or so it seemed), but when browsing photos of Salute at, I saw a photo depicting resin casts of the model. So I contacted BCB about the ship and they said it would be out soon. Well, it still is not, but we can hope, right? In case the model looks familiar: you might have noticed the ship model in the Legends of the High Seas book on various pages (28, 41, 44, 46, 48 and 88).

Another ship that some people have been waiting for for a long time is the medium ship from Games of War. Despite promises that the ship will be out soon it still is not. At least someone seems to have seen it in reality at their store so it may come eventually...

Lastly, Sailpower have recently released a 28mm Great Sloop that looks really great.

So much for ships. Crusader have added a new Pirate Crew pack to their Pirates range and I'm still waiting for Black Tree Design to release the pirate miniatures range.

That's it for now. Happy treasure hunting!


  1. Excellent! Thanks for the cool report Chris!

    And I respectfully disagree on the quality of the pics. I think they are just fine :)


    PS: Great to see those Pirates in action!

  2. Chris,

    Nice work on the FAQ for LotHS, send me an e-mail and I will shoot some more stuff for the FAQ. I really like what your doing with this...


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