Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Top 10 Favourite Wargaming Boards

I have been wanting to make this post for a while now and with the Christmas days approaching quickly I guess it now is the perfect time. So here is my holiday post: My Top 10 favourite gaming boards.

This is a purely subjective rundown of wargaming boards that I came across on the internet. Of course, the list is not comprehensive and you might have different opinions - especially if you are more interested in Sci-Fi, Wild West, Pulp, FIW, Steampunk or whatever. To me though, they are a tremendous source of inspiration and amazement and I like to drool over them regularly.

I hope you enjoy it.

#10 - Pirate Town (Rob_Jedi)
Rob_Jedi's Monkey Island influenced Pirate Town is a great inspiration. You can see it at the Privateer Press Forums and at Oz Painters.

#9 - Temple Triade de Jade (Yiu)
This is a very impressive jungle board for Alkemy. Check it out on the Alkemy forum.

#8 - Mordheim (Flame_On)
The Flame On guys have created an incredible Mordheim table. You can see many photos of their terrain on Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum in their many Battle Reports.

#7 - Village (Captain Blood)
I found this village by Captain Blood on the Lead Adventure Forum. You can see some stunning close ups of the buildings in this thread. He uses a lot of ready painted buildings from PMC Games but the set-up and the Forge World Coaching Inn are amazing.

#6 - Nosferatu - A Symphony of Horror (Vikotnik)
This is a stunning black/white horror board. Read more about it on Lead Adventure Forum or Max Paint (German).

#5 - Tortuga Island (Rux)
I really love this Caribbean style table. I was happy to see it at this year's Tactica convention. You can see more photos of it here.

#4 - Medieval City (Theomar Pius)
This is one of the most impressive medieval cities I ever came across. You can see his barbican townhouses at CoolMiniOrNot and at fotki.

#3 - Fantasy City (Thibo)
This Fantasy City board by CT Scenery is really amazing. And you can even buy the buildings from them. Niceeee.. :)

#2 - Mordheim (Wolfgang Jädtke)
Wolfgang's famous recreation of the City of the Damned is probably the best Mordheim board ever - as well as the most famous. You can see it in the gallery at Gidean-Gelände. However, definately also check out Wolfgang's gallery at Gidean-Gelände as there are tons of other stunning works by him.

#1 - Tod in Lorien (scarface)
Somewhere between gaming table and diorama this is the most impressive set-up I have ever seen on the net. This is actually more than just a diorama, it is an enormous picture story with lots of unbelievably detailed photos. Head over to and check it out. Don't feel bad if it makes you cry with envy and amazement. Also don't be afraid if you don't understand German, because these pictures certainly speak for themselves!

Honorable Mentions
The following mentions don't qualify as gaming boards as they are individual pieces but still are outstanding pieces of scenery/terrain and worth a look or two.

The Gold Mine (Admiral Benbow)
This incredible terrain piece brings some Old West flavour to this post at last. I enjoyed following the development process a lot and looking at it almost makes we want to play some comboys

Pirates Part 2 (Trull)
Trull certainly is a diorama creator extra-ordinare and this probably his most incredible work. Check out his gallery at Gidian-Gelände including more photos of this piece.

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  1. Omg,
    this is insane how good you (guys) are!
    very nice terrain pieces with hardcore details :o
    just love it!


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