Monday, April 19, 2010

It's A Tabletop World

I just received my massive order from Tabletop World. These are some brilliant buildings and I really can't wait to paint them up.

From left to right: The Merchant's House, the Ruined Coaching Inn, the Medieval Inn on the Town Square, and the Blacksmith's Forge. Not all contents shown (additional bits).

This photo gives a very rough idea of what my Gierburg table will look like eventually:

Imagine some market stands, cobblestone streets, civilians and lots of other stuff...

These houses will keep me busy for a while. Up next: the Merchant's House in all its glory.


  1. Fabulous pieces from Tabletop World. How sturdy are the completed kits - would they travel well? The ruined coach Inn appears to have a lot of delicate resin parts.

  2. The pieces were well packaged, but still very few pieces broke off indeed (three, to be precise). No big deal though. I will talk about each building in detail in a separate post as with my usual reviews and I will show where something broke off.

    The Coaching Inn is very delicate - especially the upper floors. There were no major damages though; it only had one small crack which can be easily glued and filed. It won't be visible. Again, more info coming soon. I just undercoated the Merchant's House...

  3. Awesome Chris! Finally we get so see Gierburg :)

  4. This buildings are perfect) You are lucky man)

  5. It's a bunch of some unbelievably wonderful scenery pieces! Can't wait to see them painted and Gierburg-ready :)!


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