Sunday, May 9, 2010

WIP Medieval Inn

After the Merchant's House I am currently painting the Medieval Inn from Tabletop World. It will take a couple of more days of painting, but to bide the time here is a first WIP shot.


  1. Very nice progress Chris!
    I have one suggestion. You might try to finish the plaster walls with Bleached Bone instead of Skull White. I have used Skull White before but it just seamed to bright for me. Then I discovered that the Bleached Bone suites me perfectly! It blends better with the layers underneath and it gives a more subtle highlighting.
    Just a thought...


  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Ivan! I will definately give it a try.

  3. When i get my Inn and Blacksmith... i can start my self...

    Seeing this WIP i really want them to arive soon!!! Looks great. Hope to do well myself!

  4. Cool. Please provide a link once you get around to working on your versions.

  5. Such an incredibly cool model :O I am sure you will do an amazing paintjob Mr.C :)

    Sorry for the radio silence on my part lately: am putting the last touches (maybe that's an overstatement) on the "DiplA".



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