Sunday, September 12, 2010


Threabare from Stone Sour's new album Audio Secrecy is currently totally blowing my mind. The record is growing on me quickly and I recommend it highly. Just don't expect anything Slipknot from it (except if you think Snuff)...

Alright, back on topic: Sorry for the recent lack of posts. Real life blah blah - I know, poor excuse. Actually even hobby-wise I have been very much into something else for the last few months, which is not tabletop related. I might briefly post about it here at some point, too. I still have to - and want to - finish the last two of my Tabletop World buildings, which are now out of production (who would have known).

I'll be back.


  1. I blame the summer, tabletop related stuff is best done during the winter :)

    I was very surprised to see all the Tabletop World buildings go out of production, I'm glad I at least bought the Ruined Coaching Inn but I still think it was a weird decision.

    Good to have you back even if it's at a slower pace :)

  2. Hi Jorisch,

    pulling the entire range was definately not a good decision. For many people it is important to have a huge range to choose from. It's a psychological factor, plus many people only like to place bigger orders and get all the stuff in one order - like me. Now there's just that tower and we'll have to wait and see the range grow again. I am sure the next buildings will be great through. It's just seems like such a waste on the effort of the first houses... I don't know.. Their decision. And now my buildings are rate collectibles ;P

  3. Listened to Threadbare. I thought it was pretty good. Thanks for the recommendation!

    If you like dark metal/melancholic rock you may like this:

  4. Hi, Tom!

    No offense, but I can't stand voices like that guy's. :)

    I guess I would love Metallica if it wasn't for James Hetfield's voice. I can't quite explain it but while I am very open for different styles of music I am extremely picky about voices.

    The Stone Sour album is really great - better than than the previous one, which was awesome already. Now that I live in Berlin, I saw them in June and I might go again when they come back in October... Yay!


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