Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gierburg Peasants

A new faction has arrived in Gierburg: the Agitator and his mob of angry peasants, painted by Simon Bradley.

The warband consists of three packs from Warlord Games' Pike & Shotte range:

With the focus on a raging mob rather than a militia I switched some of the models' original weapons with torches and pitchforks from Warlord's Short Weapons Pack (WGP-ARM-04) and Long Weapons Pack (WGP-ARM-03). Like all Gierburg models they stand on Fenris Games bases (25mm round DS Innsmouth Cobblestones, see here).

Simon really did an absolutely stunning job on these. Check out his blog posts and the gallery on his website Stone Cold Lead for more photos (and better ones than these too!).

The agitator is speaking to the masses.

In the upcoming series of mini artciles called A Guide to the City we will shed some light on the peasants as well as on other characters and factions of Gierburg.

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