Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ship's Boats from Games of War

Games of War produces two types of ship's boats: A tender and a jolly boat. Let's take a look at them!

The first of the boats that was released by Games of War was the Tender - The Sea Pup (GOW-PS001). Some time later the Jolly Boat (GOW-PS005) was released. I'm not sure how appropriate this distinction is, though: from my understanding "tender" describes the purpose of the boat, while jolly boat is the type of boat, such as pinnace or cutter. Anyway...

The Tender / The Sea Pup

In 2009 I bought and painted two Sea Pups. They are very nice models with a detailed wood grain texture that allows for great results from simple drybrushing.

Tenders / Sea Pups from Games of War

Jolly Boat

I bought two jolly boats just recently. I am extremely happy with them: I find they look more interesting than the sea pups with the rowlocks and gratings. In addition, they are slightly wider than the sea pups and thus provide a bit more space for models. Again, these models have a great texture and can be easily drybrushed to great effects.

Jolly Boats from Games of War

Comparison of Sea Pup and Jolly Boat: 25mm round bases
can be placed better in the jolly boat

For more boats and ships have a look at this list of tabletop ships.

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