Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gierburg Gypsies

The travelling people arrive in the City of Gierburg!

Another batch of beautiful paint jobs by Simon Bradley: Gypsies from West Wind Productions' Vampire Wars range roam the dirty streets of Gierburg.

But where are their iconic moving houses...?

Update: Gypsy Caravans


  1. Great work...

    I have seen their caravans available as a MDF kit ... Michael did a great job of it here on his blog...

  2. Nice indeed, those torches are flametastic!

  3. Lovely figures great torch effects!

  4. Great to see the gypsies finally hit the streets. Love the scenery.

  5. Ha, thanks, Scott! Already bought the kits. Thanks for the link - I had not seen this version of the model before though.

    You work has been fantastic once again, Simon - Thank you so much!

  6. I foresee some rough days at Gierburg! beautiful pieces and beautiful painting

  7. Awesome warband. Can't wait to paint my own. Great to see them in such atmospheric shots of the town. Both miniatures and scenery look fantastic together!



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