Friday, May 15, 2015

Weather Dice

Recently I ordered a couple of different dice. Among them was a set of six-sided 16mm Weather Dice, which I mostly bought out of curiosity. Now let's see what we can do with them.

Once I held these dice in my hands and rolled them for a few times I immediately felt the urge to come up with a way to put them to actual good use. With all the pirate gaming there must be uses for them!

Here is a table with the six different weather outcomes and some game system agnostic effects. The idea is to always roll two weather dice and apply both results. However, the sun will result in overall good weather, negating the other dice's effect. The "cloudy" symbol represents a simple "no effect".

The sun is shining and the weather is fine. Dot not apply any other weather effects from the other dice.
The weather is slightly cloudy but still fine overall. No further effects.
Wind is blowing, making it difficult to aim with ranged weapons.
It is raining. Blackpowder weapons may not function and need to be reloaded.
A thunder strikes a random target on the board.
Snow is falling, decreasing sight and limiting the models' movement.

For a properly piratical weather table I would probably change "Rain" to "Heavy Rain" and "Snow" to "Light Rain". This is where things really depend on the specific setting and system at hand.

What do you think?


  1. For a pirate game, maybe a double sun could be intense heat, causing fatigue. I'm not sure how that would be implemented, though.

  2. Sounds interesting to me - nothing really to add, except to say I would be interested to see how it plays.


  3. Ah, now I understand how they do the weather forecast on the radio ;)

  4. Your obsession with the forces of nature continues sir... Who doesn't love to roll dice! My longtime passion for MTG seems to have been superseded by Marvel Dice Masters. Recently discovered another neat game called Roll For The Galaxy, bearing comparison to classic board game Puerto Rico except it's set in space and involves rolling lots of colourful dice with simple icons on them.

  5. Sun could be -1 to hit with missile weapons from glare of the suns rays. :)

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  7. "A thunder strikes a random target on the board"

    Lightning strikes things... not thunder


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