Saturday, September 9, 2017

Civilian Figures for Pirate Games

In this post I collect civilians and other miniatures that are great additions for wargames in a 17th/18th century pirate setting.

When I first started pirate gaming in 2008 I compiled a list of manufacturers of pirate miniatures which I still keep updated to this day. In order to properly flesh out your games, however, you will want more than scurvy sea dogs: From all sorts of civilians such as farmers, noble ladies and children, to dock workers to slaves there are lots of miniatures that can enhance your games. The list below contains miniatures from various manufacturers and ranges that are suitable for pirate games during the 17th and 18th century.

Ebor Miniatures

Ebor Miniatures have a few interesting figures as part of artillery crews. Furthermore, I find the head sprue with tricorne hats particularly useful.

Head Sprue WSSMHS01 from Ebor Miniatures

Firelock Games

During their second kickstarter project Firelock Games came out with a pack of civilians.

Civilians from Firelock Games

Front Rank Figurines

Front Rank have four packs of each four civilians in their 18th Century Equipment, Guns and Civilians range containing workers, wagon drivers, aristocrats, a priest and more.

Civilians pack GP4 from Front Rank Figurines

North Star Military Figures

North Star have a nice pirate range for On The Seven Seas game but they also have a number of interesting figures in the Africa range such as these captives waiting to be freed and join your crew.

Captives (NS-NSA7002)

Outpost Wargame Services

The Highwaymen range contains a few civilians like a barkeeper, bar wench, smith and aristocratic victims.

His Lordship from
Outpost Wargame Services

Perry Miniatures

Civilians from the American War of Independence range.

AW73 Civilians from Perry Miniatures

Wargames Foundry

Beside Foundry's equally extensive and excellent range of pirates and swashbucklers they have a number of nice civilians in their 18th Century Civilians range.

Further Reading

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  1. Have you seen the minis from Black Scorpion Miniatures?, there you can find a lot of Pirates interesting and crew, and villagers...

  2. Great article, very helpful. Please keep up the blog.


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