Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Island Natives from Firelock Games

Island natives are must when playing adventurous pirate games in the Caribbean. My buddy Jens got some island natives from Firelock Games to form a "crew" of their own.

Firelock Games released their Island Natives as part of their No Peace Beyond the Line kickstarter campaign last year. The minis arrived some time around April this year and Jens sent them to Poland based painting service Den of Imagination to have them painted. As you can see, the results are rather nice:

During our recent mini campaign with played a couple of games with the first version of the Caribbean Island Native crew and we were quite happy with how they felt.

Sneak preview of the Caribbean Natives crew rules

Natives attack a colonial town from the jungle

Update: Some more natives, painted by Den of Imagination.

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  1. Wonderful looking Natives...and terrain....and blog, I'll come back, new member!


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