Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tomme's Boringe Pyrate Logbooke - Part Three of mannie

The Logbooke
by Tom

Part Three - There's always one who stands out

And in this case it is a Hasslefree miniature, beautifully sculpted by Tom Meier. This young man right here is particularly slender and highly detailed and was a challenge to paint, because of the sheer petitness. Everything on him is so tiny that your 4/0 brush looks HUGE by comparison. So basically you have to paint the eyes with a hair... but that's another story.

Captain Tom
(Remember that you can click on the image to enlarge them)

This man is called "Captain Tom" (and I did NOT choose that name). Cianty plans to use him as a special kind of hero ('Cabin Boy done good') so he has the potential to become the most powerful of all pirates.

Cianty needed Captain Tom to look like he was part of the crew but without any particular colour that would confine him to one of the 2 hero groups (or henchmen groups) we discussed previously. So I had to give him a new colour scheme while making sure he would not stand out too much because of it.

I decided to go for a black coat. Black goes with almost everything, but I also wanted it to look a little more interesting than just plain "black". So I gave the coat a different inside colour to make it contrast a little more. I also gave Captain Tom striped trousers (see "henchmen") and a red head bandana/headscarf (see "Heroes"). Then I threw in a beige shirt (all the shirts are beige in this crew) and voilà!

Along with this post Cianty has updated the website so you can now view the entire pirate crew in the Pirates gallery. Especially noteworthy is probably the 3D gallery where you can see a few selected models from different angles.

Thank you for following my logbook thus far. All that remains to be painted now are the powder monkeys, which I will show you next time. And of course there will be some bonus shots of the whole crew in action! See you soon!

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  1. Good job! Like all the pirates so far :) and congratulations with BtB, it rocks mate!



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