Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tomme's Boringe Pyrate Logbooke - Part Four of Four

The Logbooke
by Tom

Part Four - Prepare to booooooaaaard!

Last but not least: the powder monkeys! (from the Warhammer Handgunners sprue).
I wanted the one with the burning match to look slightly insane, hinting at the fact that he may very well just light that extra-short fuse any moment now. So I made his eyeballs (white) large and his pupils (black) as small as possible. I think that worked rather well...

After a month of painting (including an involuntary pause due to work) I had finally finished the 20 models for Cianty. Mission accomplished! :)

Four "Cutthroats" ready to... cut ... throats.

Four "Cutthroats" ready to... cut ... apples. Ha!

Here are two shots of the pirate crew landing on the beach of Cianty's Treasure Island. He will be posting more photos of his new gaming table soon here on the blog (at least that's what I was told).

Thank you for reading this through! I hope you enjoyed the Loogbook as much as I enjoyed painting these guys. I wish Cianty a lot of fun games and hopefully a lot of booty with his crew, All the best!


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