Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Citizens of Gierburg: Torturer and Jailer

Hi, everybody! This is Tom reporting for Cianty's Tabletop Wargames Blog. I was recently invited by Chris to join his Gierburg project.

A (very) brief introduction to Gierburg

For those who may not know what it is: Gierburg is a tabletop game that is currently being developed by Chris, revolving around a great variety of skirmish-size missions in a cloak and dagger setting with subtle (but undeniable) elements of magic and mystery. What sets Gierburg apart from your run-of-the-mill hack-and-slash tabletop skirmish game, is its use of combat and its character-based setup (which involves RPG elements). Combat is a tool amongst others that players need to use wisely to reach their mission objective. Hence, characters in Gierburg have a variety of skills, feats and attributes that are equally important, depending on the challenges they face, not necessarily related to fighting, but also to moving, sneaking, talking and whatnot.

Painting minatures for Gierburg
- By "Boring" Tom

My involvement with Gierburg lies with making sure that all things with two or more legs are properly coloured and look "alive". In other words, I do the painting of all Gierburg models.

Here I will be presenting my latest creations. I will be posting the citizens of Gierburg that I am painting as I go, in a logbook-like manner (as some of you may remember from Cianty's LotHS Redbeard's Sea Dogs project that I painted).

Let me start off with Norris the Torturer and Scrote the Jailer, both from Heresy Miniatures.

Norris the Torturer

Scrote the Jailer

As with most Gierburg dwellers, I wanted colours to be brownish and organic. Loads of leather, rope and iron. I think this came out rather well here. The yellow cheese and the glowing incandescant metal rod (better not get into what this thing is for...) add a little colourful detail to the minis I think.

You may also notice the little triangles on the mini's bases. I added these for field-of-view-related reasons which will become apparent once the rules are published.

That's from me for today. I hope you like these two guys!

Check back soon, when I unveil the next two miniatures on the list.
Take care!



  1. I have to say I really love these minis. Norris' metal rod looks even more spectecular in reality! Very cool! :)

  2. Any more information or links to the Gierburg rules? Is there any way to join the project?

  3. Thanks for your interest, Devin! I am currently working on a Gierburg website, once it is finished it will be announced here for sure. The rules are very much WIP. As soon as I feel the core rules are stable enough, they will be put up on the website so everyone can have a go at them. Then I'd be very interested in what other gaming groups think of them. This too, will be announced on the blog of course. Apart from that we are looking for people capable of doing some illustrations for the Gierburg rules set.


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