Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Burgomeister's Mansion Pt. 3: The finished Model

Here is the last instalment of my Governor's Mansion report. After the review in part 1 and the modifications in part 2, I now present some info on how I painted the building along with some colourful photos at last.

Colours and Techniques
I chose a similar colour scheme to the one I used for the Blue Wolf Inn and other buildings such as the stable. I certainly don't want all my Gierburg buildings to look the same but for this one I did want the same colours as for the inn.
Especially for the roofs I think its nice to have a coherent colour scheme. It ties the buildings together and makes them look as "one" on the tabletop.

After showing off the Blue Wolf Inn on the Gidian-Gelände Forum, it was suggested that timber frames should probably be darker to imply weathering. Looking at the inn now the timber is probably too bright indeed. So for this house I only used:
  • Drybrush with Scorched Brown
  • Drybrush with mixes of increasing amounts of Skull White
To set the door apart from the timber frame I drybrushed an additional layer of Bestial Brown after the initial Scorched Brown. This makes the door brighter than the other wood, which seems reasonable to me, because I don't think the burgomeister would want the door of his mansion to be weathered and brittle.

I am pretty happy with the result. Careful drybrushing works really well on this model, because the wood grain on the beams is so nicely modelled.

Wattle and daub
Basically I chose the same colours for the wall filling as for the Blue Wolf Inn. The model suggests that the mansion was built with wattle and daub. I painted the wattle as follows:
  • Drybrush with Bestial Brown
  • Drybrush with Snakebite Leather
  • Drybrush with Vomit Brown
  • (Drybrush with Bleached Bone)
I left off the last step for the wattle on the first floor, because on the ground floor I found it to look too bright with the Bleached Bone on top.

The idea for the floor came from the amazing interor by Stony B. On the ground floor I first applied a heavy drybrush with Dark Flesh, then carefully dabbed the floor with: Tanned Flesh, Elf Flesh, Vomit Brown, Fortress Grey, Skull White, Chaos Black. Lastly, I used various washes of some of these paints.

I was mostly content with the result, but for the first floor I took even more time and dabbed more carefully, using the following colours (in that order): Tanned Flesh, Dwarf Flesh, Bleached Bone, Fortress Grey, Vomit Brown and Elf Flesh on the floor. At the end a dabbed heavily watered down mixes of the above colours (mostly Grey, Bone and Flesh).

Drybrush with Dark Flesh

Dabbing Tanned Flesh

Dabbing Dwarf Flesh

The finished Mansion
And now the finished model at last (click on photos to enlarge):


  1. Cianty strikes again!!!
    Beautiful work as always, makes me really want to put more effort into my own terrain.

  2. So crisp! You did a great job and Resina Planet should send you some love.


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