Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bondsmen of Gierburg: Bounty Hunter, Thief and Rogue

A new sight on the streets of Gierburg, the Bondsmen are, in reality, little more than Bounty Killers hired by the city to clear up the "Charlatan problem". As opposed to the Guard, Bondsmen are well seen by the citizens, for a Bondsman is usually not a noble's lickspittle. He looks for his mark, does his business, looks down on merchants and doesn’t interfere with the peasants. The Guard on the other hand dislikes Bondsmen. The Guard considers Bondsmen to idly wait around until a Charlatan appears, at which point they stroll in, order the Guard around, then leave with the dirty work done for them and pocket the money for the kill. And that, often with disregard for the guardmen's safety.

The first Bondsman is this Bounty Hunter from Black Cat Bases. This is actually one of the first models Chris chose for Gierburg, he told me, as it captures the "cloak and dagger" feel admirably. With his Brotherhood of the Wolf style the model is as iconic a figure for Gierburg as the mad Jesters (and my beloved Messengers of Death).

Another scoundrel to go with the Bondsmen is the cool Rogue model from Custom Made Minis.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Arsen van Thomas, an inspired burglar model from Heresy Miniatures. Now, I don't choose the names for the models, Chris does, and I don't think this guy is named after me, although I like to believe it is a homage to the painter... one can always dream.

The gang doing a "job"



  1. I LOVE the rogue! I am going to have to pick me up one of those bad boys. The third of the bunch, Arsen, reminds me of the Dread Pirate Roberts, from the Princess Bride. Great Stuff!


  2. Ha ha, you are right, Benjamin! That's some striking resemblance there.


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