Saturday, January 30, 2010

Citizens of Gierburg: Girls Girls Girls

Hi guys!

Today I would like to show you some of the female civilians I painted for Gierburg. All models are from Black Cat Bases.

The first model is this unfortunate Captured Noblewoman. Fancy clothing. It is my first shot ever at painting make-up on a model (I like my women natural normally ^^) but I thought I'd give it a try. I also placed a teeny tiny white spot in the lower lip to simulate light reflection.
I think that doesn't look too bad.

Next is a young woman of far less noble stock, but in turn she knows how to take care of herself: Jeny, the Wench.

Last is the Innkeeper's Wife... another one. I thought Stilhoufen already had a wife called Bertha... but who am I to judge - I prefer not to get involved in these things. At least this confusion would explain her bad mood:

I like to slightly accentuate faces with pink to simulate bloodflow. It makes the models look much more alive. In real life, faces are most often not monochrome, but have different colours. The cheeks and lips are usually better irrigated than the rest of the face.

To achieve this effect quite simply on your miniature, all you need to do is add a very small amount of red to your mix and water it down well (consistency of milk). The 2 things to keep in mind are
  1. Don't add too much red. It is better to add another layer than to have clown-like red cheeks.
  2. Water down the paint. Why? Because it makes it more transparent and more subtle. Also, should you inadvertedly mask recesses with it, you can quickly "save" the situation by absorbing the excess paint with a fresh dry brush (capillary forces are your friend here!)
Then carefully accentuate zones where you imagine bloodflow e.g. lips, cheeks and nose.

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  1. Now we are talking, finally some ladies arriving in the city... love them! You really got a great project going on - i mostly like the Innkeeper'swife... love her cheeks! Keep on happy painting! Regards Roman


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