Thursday, February 4, 2010

Citizens of Gierburg: Kids

Hey guys!

Today is Kid's Day in Gierburg. These cute figures are all from Hasslefree Miniatures, namely it's the Village Kiddies and the Medieval Kids packs.

The cutest models I have ever had the opportunity to paint.

Trick or treat


  1. I agree you : this minis are really cute and easy painting. I bought them recently for my medieval town.

    I like really the way you paint it

  2. Cute and fun models, nicely painted but I don't know if I agree with the military use of child soldiers ;) Or if I would like to roll my dice to kill of some children :)

  3. Ha ha, yes indeed. In Gierburg these models are used as non-player Civilians and just like the elderly or other poor peasants none of them should be slayed light-heartedly or, in fact, at all. With the City Guard watching over the warbands, and Civilians not granting any XP, we'll see if anyone still feels a need to attack them. If so, I guess they have serious anger issues or something... :D

  4. I forgot to say: Great job as usual, Tom! I love the kiddies!

  5. oh! I like these! its also a great thing that jorisch feels bad about hitting them! I could abuse that;)


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