Saturday, February 6, 2010


Going a little off topic today...

After seeing this episode of the Nostalgia Critic I had to dig up the intro to DuckTales.

Aaah.. the memories.. The version I grew up with was obviously the German one:

It's awesome to hear other countries' versions as well. Personally I find the Dutch version incredibly epic:

There even is a full length version of the song:

As a Barks fan I can't totally approve of the TV show but the song is definately catchy as hell. In fact most of these old shows have awesome intros: Chip 'n Dale, Gummi Bears, Tale Spin, Darkwing Duck... Browsing youtube for these songs is always a fun trip down memory lane. The comics (and to a lesser extend the cartoons) got me into drawing, painting and eventually the wargames hobby. Maybe I'll go into that a bit further at some point in the future. Anyways, back to Thomas and his latest Gierburg paint jobs...


  1. What a madness! hahaha
    here you are the spanish version called 'Pato Aventuras'
    It is usually translate ALL in spain so we are one of the worst english spoken countries

  2. Wow, "Aaah.. the memories.." came across my mind aswell :-D
    I enjoyed every episode as a kid, too. Thanks for the little of topic excursion cianty ;-)

    best Regards


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