Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dolls House supplies

I recently discovered Mollys House Miniatures, a supplier for dolls house accessories. (By the way, I found the link following this awesome zeppelin project on LAF - check it out!) Some items from Mollys range of 1/48th scale stuff is perfect for 28mm wargamers. For example, have a look at these dead cheap furniture (£1.90 for a pack). Not all of the items suit the 28mm scale - some look a bit small - but many of them are just perfect, such as the chairs and table. Comparison shots with Village Idiot from Hasslefree Miniatures (28mm to eye level):

You can easily furnish a full house with this stuff for very little money. The detail isn't perfect of course (cheap plastics mass made in China) but with a little repaint it will look really good.

That's not all, though. Mollys also has some excellent metal bits from S&D Models (who list the items under 1/43 products while it is 1/48 at Mollys). I ordered the Green Grocers Set of veg sacks, crates and scales. This will be a great addition to the stalls of my Gierburg market square. They also have some other useful stuff such as buckets and barrels.

And now for the highlight: Etched brass pub signs and weather vanes. This stuff is absolutely stunningly beautiful! I immediately started drooling when I saw these at the shop and I was afraid they might be too big for 28mm. Fortunately Mollys has good info on the sizes and I couldn't believe to find them suitably sized. Now I really really can't wait to start working on my recently purchased second Coaching Inn and make good use of these items.

Check out the 1/48 Garden/Outside category for these items with better photos and exact information on measurements. I can tell you they fit perfectly.

So far Mollys Miniatures and especially the etched brass signs qualify for my personal "Miniature Find of the Year" award. Awesome accessories for very little money (heck, one sign/vane costs £0.60 to £0.70!) - a must for every terrain builder.


  1. Dolls House shops are always worth a look. You'd be surprised what you can find.

    I think your plastic furniture works fine with the miniature.


  2. Awesome furniture! Than you for link. I'll try to order something to Russia.

  3. That's great, even for ruined Mordheim! I have to check this out.

  4. I'm glad if you find them useful. I really enjoyed this find and the products.

  5. This is a great find. I've been using some doll house and Hero Scape pieces for my Dwarven Forge when I do set it up. I also use Piazo and Scrying Eye's maps and counters as well as the offical WoTC Cardboard maps. When it comes to 3d though nothing beats a good set of doll house furniture. Great find and thanks for sharing!

  6. that's hero quest not hero scape although their plastic ruins are ok. :)

  7. I didn't know about Scrying Eye. Looks like some nice stuff - especially for 'gaming to go'.

    HeroQuest interior is definately a classic. :)

  8. Cianty,

    This is a great find.
    Have to get sorted all the items out that I can use for my display.
    Thanks for sharing this.



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